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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Not. Feeling. Well.

I'm still not feeling well.

My head hurts. I can't hear out of my ears. And I'm feeling incredibly cranky.

I"ve noticed over last few weeks that I've been a little, well can I say b***** to those nearest and dearest to me.

But I don't feel good.

I hate being sick.

But most of all I hate it when it drags on and on and on and on.

And I feel as though I should be job searching. That there is no excuse for not getting interviews, calls, making moola.

But it's taking it's time....mostly due to my constant exhaustion and hacking cough. ENOUGH!

Let the sickness go away.


So, I start reading and they profile this blogger who is writing a blog about being married and how hard that is.

Yeah. It's super hard to live in a one bedroom apartment on two incomes.

It's super hard to try and find a job, while attempting to live on unemployment and pay the mortgage, if married.

And the capper is, according the blog post I read, the couple sounds as if they are in their early twenties.


How about a blog about making it on your own.

Since when does being whiny win you a day in the spotlight?

Apparently, it's the new way to get attention.

I hate whiners.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Shirley Valentine

Just saw the movie "Shirley Valentine" with my friend, Paulina. I checked out the movie from the local library (free, baby, free!) along with "Pineapple Express", "Anthony Robbins" and "Stranger than Fiction".

We decided to watch "Shirley Valentine".

It came out in 1989 and I remember attempting to watch it many years ago. The talking-to-herself main character really turned me off, and I never finished the movie. My friend, however, swore it was a GREAT FILM, so I thought I'd give it another try.

She was right. If you just get through the initial grumblings of this main character, Shirley Valentine, and hang in there until she arrives in Greece, it's a really good movie.

Even the fact that the movie is, what, 20 years old doesn't matter. The struggles and thoughts that Shirley Valentine goes through as she attempts to break out of a rut, recharge herself and her life and recapture her dreams are still relevant today. Perhaps even more relevant today.

The scenery is beautiful. The story is realistic. The characters are realistic. And the clothes, boats and snippets of Greek life are charming.

Thumbs up!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sick Out

I'm pulling a sick out.

Only, since I'm unemployed, it seems to be only affecting my social life.

I've pulled out of the neighborhood association meeting, at a cost of tremendous guilt. But, just when I start to feel mildly better, the flu symptoms come crashing back, pushing any idea of reclaiming my life away.

I've reneged on my knitting meeting. Not so bad, you think? Ah, but this is my third no-show and I think the group may ban me from further meetings due to lack of attendance.

Committing to an afternoon out, I agreed to meet up with my neighbor for a quick bite to eat. This despite my lack of funds and my sickness induced inertia.

Unfortunately, she has what I have (with maybe a little more common sense, although -in my defense- She Did Ask Me), and so she bailed out at the last minute.

Which was more than okay, since I really need to save all monies in the hopes that I will be able to pay my mortgage this month without dipping into savings (too much).

I am too sick to sleep, yet too tired to do anything other than blindly search for jobs and sit like a potato on the couch.

This cannot continue.

I believe I have only a few more days of this virus (it can't last for a week, can it?) and then I must DECLUTTER. This is extremely difficult for me as it feels like a JOB and an unpaid JOB at that.

So, if I had more ambition, I'd probably suck it up and start decluttering and working on job applications.

But instead, I will sit with my ever - larger - spreading ass on the couch and moan about my aches, pains, watery eyes and sore throat. Because, while not effective, it makes me feel better. See, I can still call in sick even though I don't have any job to call into.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hot Flashes

It's supposed to be 100 degrees plus in the next few days.

And all of my neighbors have their Halloween decorations up.

It's a little amusing.

So, what are a few free things you can do to cool down?

1) Thank your lucky stars that these hot flashes aren't pre-menopausal.

2) Take naps. Lots of naps.

3) Crafting work that requires you sit on your ass.

4) Water down the garden to cool yourself off and keep the plants alive.

5) Make and eat salads and light foods. Crackers and cheese are good too.

6) Keep hydrated. Drink tea, water, lemonade, water, juice, water, tea. Did I mention that you could drink tea?

7) Read a book from your local library. I love the library.

8) Clean your house. Nothing worse than feeling hot and bothered in a dirty house.

9) Give yourself a haircut. I did, last night. Plus I highlighted my hair myself. If you aren't sure how to do it, Youtube has some great videos on how to cut your hair. I watched a few before I did my own hair, and I have to say, I'm pretty happy with my results.

10) Mani-pedi, anyone? C'mon, you can do it yourself. You've probably got a couple bottles of nail polish somewhere in your house. And, soaking your feet in a tub of water on a hot day feels good!

11) Look up a no-cook recipe. There are even cookies you can make without using the oven....ever heard of Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies? You can make them without using any appliances!!

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Government Bailout Money

Oh, how the irony grows!

I've just read an msnbc story that details the growing concern that a government entity (Federal Housing Administration) may need a bailout!

The story claims that it will be taxpayer money that may be bailing out this government agency.

So, let me get this straight, government money is taxpayer money, isn't it? I mean the government operates on the money that taxpayers give them I HOPE. Otherwise, wouldn't that mean that companies and lobbyists are running our country?...

So, to continue on with the fantasy that we the people run the country...

Now I am reading a story about how GOVERNMENT money is being used to bailout a GOVERNMENT agency.

Taxpayers are bailing out taxpayers. Let's all just hope that there's more taxpayer money than bailout demands.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Julie and Julia

My good friend, Nini's mom, took me out to the movies a couple of days ago (I think it was Monday) and we saw Julie and Julia.

I have to say, going during the day in the middle of the week is the way to go. The theater was empty. I was surprised. Aren't more people laid off? Maybe they are, but can no longer afford the cost of a movie. Although, apparently during the Depression, movies flourished. So what is going on? I was a little confused.

But on to the movie.

It was a cute movie.

Julie was a spoiled East Coast brat who didn't understand why her richie rich prep school friends were making millions, while she was living above a cute little pizzeria with her gorgeous, understanding, kind, loving husband.

Boy oh boy she had it hard.

To top it all of, she had a job where she had to fend phone calls from victims of 9-11, seeking recomp. But she had a job.

Since she felt so sorry for herself (oh she had it tough), she continually whined to her put-upon husband (who also had a job, as a journalist I think). So life was really rough for the two of them. Did I mention that they had a place to live? A cute little apartment above a Pizzeria. They weren't living with anyone's parents, under a bridge, in a garden shed, a car...oh but I digress.

Hubby got sick of her whining.

"Why don't you start a blog?" he asked her.

THEN...He even CREATED the blog for her, while she sat there like the toadstool that she was, with her jaw dropping at his amazing technology skills.

All she had to do was update the blog (which was posted on Salon, by the way). Oh and do a little cooking.

How hard is that?

And through her contacts, I AM SURE, she was able to get some bozo from the Christian Science Monitor to bring a cooking editor to her house, posted it in the New York Times and she was able to publish a book and make a movie.

Oh, and by the way, the blog and book and movie, were all about Julia Child...although, it really seemed to spend a HUGE amount of time on the spoiled, overly impressed with herself, buttoned up East Coast brat who was creating the blog.

The greatest part of this movie, though, was how utterly amazing Meryl Streep was as Julia Child. She was better portraying Julia Child than the actual woman herself! I grew up watching Julia Child and I have to say, I could barely understand the woman. Meryl made her coherent, likable and actually appeared to be Julia Child - a huge six foot tall chef! Meryl Streep is probably the best actress there is...I truly believe that after watching this movie.

But Julie? Blech...

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Washington D.C.

According to a Yahoo! news story I recently read, the young, fabulous and rich are all heading to or living in Washington D.C.

Their goal, from what I read of the story, is to continue making $100,000 plus and create more government jobs.

And I have to say, having watched education change over the past twenty years (as an Educator), schools are pumping out little bureaucrats, so it makes sense that they would all head to Washington.

These paper pushers are trained early to juggle hundreds of homework assignments, sign up for committees, sit in chairs staring straight ahead, not see the light of day for weeks at a time by going from classroom to tutoring session to language/music/special afterschool classes.....and the end result is that they are gravitating to the familiar. Students today are used to a life of committees, no time outdoors, huge work sessions and they find that lifestyle in government. Congress anyone?

They all want to be lawyers, lobbyists, government foils.

Why oh why have we created a generation of people who are not interested in moving our society forward, only in creating government jobs, laws, churning out anything that they can get paid for, whether it is profitable or might make them money but will only drain our society.

Our education system is a sham. And our society is rewarding our unproductive members of society (these kids in Washington D.C.) who don't DO anything. And the ones who DO help move our society forward (farmers, laborers, business owners) are more and more being paid less and less.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Shelter Babies

I'm just sittin' here with my two shelter dogs and I gotta say...

Rescuing a dog from a shelter is the way to go.

My dogs are AWESOME.

They are really, really cute. Much cuter than any purebred I've seen.

My little dogs (about 10 lbs, give or take..mostly take) came completely housebroken, only bark when letting me know if something is going on (they aren't yappy), are totally socialized (my girl-which I got a week and a half ago- didn't even snap at the two year old who attempted to snatch her tail), and are extremely loving. They get along with other dogs, give me kisses all the time and are absolutely adorable. They are also so easy to train. I've already got them sitting by the door when it's time for a walk. And they are adults (one and a half, and the other one is two and a half) but so smart I can still train them!

And to think, that the little female I adopted a week and a half ago, was going to be put down for SPACE! Because the shelter was running out of space for the other dogs! And she only came to the shelter at the end of July!

Here's another reason for adopting at the shelter; it's cost effective.

My dogs were adopted out when they had been totally updated on their shots and vaccinations.

My male was neutered by the shelter, female was spayed.

Both were microchipped so if ever lost, I'll get them back.

Do you know how much you would pay if you had to do that for a dog from a breeder? Let's just say, hundreds of dollars.

If you need a friend, are feeling lonely, want to stay in shape (your dogs will make you walk them--I walk them 4 times a day, but you could just do twice a day-I like to walk), need a watch dog...or for tons of other reasons--GO TO A SHELTER.

You would not believe the darling dogs there. And some are even purebreds if your heart is set on a purebred (mutts are smarter).

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Help! I'm Losing My Home....

So far, I've watched as two neighbors and two good friends went through the process of losing their homes.

One friend attempted a short sale, was denied by the bank, and will most likely foreclose.

Another friend chose bankruptcy and was allowed to keep her home.

My first neighbor in danger of foreclosure was fortunate enough to land a job with a company that handled the sale. The neighbor lost money on the home, largely due to their own financial and real estate incompetence. They listed the home for $499,000. After an all cash offer of $465,000, they became offended. So they pushed the list price up to $525,000. The house didn't sell and the neighbors decided to drop the price to $470,000.

Eventually my neighbors house sold for $440,000.

The next neighbors to go through the process of losing their home, listed it as a short sale. They had dumped all of their income into nonsensical 'home improvements' (a variety of paint jobs, unlicensed contractors changing the heating system without a permit, adding a shower to the downstairs bath when neither of the 2 bedrooms were downstairs, etc.,). When their loan reset, the neighbors, who had spent most of their income on vacations and other perks, were unable to meet the payment. Upset, they lost any profit on their home.

What's the lesson in all this?

Well, I've come up with a few things to think about when possibly losing your home;

1) Rethink your lifestyle. Maybe losing your home isn't the worst thing in the world. Some people were not meant to be homeowners. If you drive a leased vehicle, plan on moving in the next three years, place value on looking good and feeling flush, living in a house that isn't your dream home might not be for you. Homeowners typically live below their means. Successful homeowners usually don't go on fancy vacations, fix their own leaky toilets and often repair and paint their homes themselves. Maybe you'd be better off pouring your hard earned cash into mutual funds or stocks or some kind of investment other than real estate.

2) Just because you heard that the government will help you with your short sale or foreclosure, doesn't mean that you qualify. You're going to have to jump through hoops, call, beg and borrow to get banks and government workers to listen to you and help you. And you still might not get the help you need to save your home.

3) If you're under water and barely making it, losing your home might take a huge burden off of you. Being unemployed is bad enough. Being unemployed with a mortgage you can't afford is worse.

4) Just when it looks like you are going to lose it all (and sometimes when you feel you already have), you'll often find that what you thought was insurmountable has ended up for the best. Sometimes, simplifying your life makes room for all the dreams you thought had passed you by. Be open for good things to happen, despite losing your home.

Those are just a few thoughts I've had about the foreclosure nightmare going on in this country...

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Friday, September 11, 2009


My list of things to do to survive Unemployment;

1) Get roomates. Lots of roomates.

2) Eat at home. Vegetables, potatoes, pasta.

3) Watch t.v. (it's free)

4) Go to EDD office. Every day. Attend Every Workshop.

5) Read tons of books. From the library (it's free).

6) Go on long walks (it's free).

7) Hang out with the neighbors that you never got to know when you were busy working.

8) Go to Happy Hour when feeling flush.

9) Simplify. Throw out anything that is no longer useful.

10) Cook. Comfort Food. A lot. So you don't feel deprived.

11) Thrift Shop when feeling flush.

12) Learn a new skill. Maybe learn to knit or something.

13) Don't let people monopolize your time. "Oh, you're not doing anything! Swing by the house and pick up for me" or "I need a ride to ".

14) Close accounts you no longer need. For example, I'm in the process of closing down my Netflix accounts.

15) Join Meetup groups. Through Yahoo! It's free (often) and you can investigate hobbies or talents you never had time for when employed.

16) Go through your closet. You can dress however you want now! No worries about 'casual Fridays', corporate bans on jeans, shirts that show bra straps, etc.,. You can dress like a hoochie if you want!

17) Eat Chocolate. A lot.

18) Adopt another dog. Or three of them. You need the company and they need a home. Shelters are innundated with dogs right now. Free the dogs!

19) Investigate part time work, self employment, opening a business and freelance work.

Hope that helps! It sure felt good to write it all down!

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