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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More McChrystal

So, does McChrystal get unemployment now?

McChrystal's Out; What Does That Mean

So, President Obama asked McChrystal to resign from being the Afghanistan Military Commander because of what a Rolling Stone Reporter wrote about him.

What does this mean?

In the short term, probably nothing.

But I'm concerned about the long term. Because I think, what will happen as a result, is that military personell won't allow journalists to really get to know what is going on. I think there will be a lot more censorship when it comes to the American public knowing what is going on in hotspots. And that concerns me.

Because, really, what it comes down to, is that you should always be allowed to say what you think, especially when it comes to a government. Isn't that what our country was founded on?

And that concerns me. Because I think, if someone is being fired for saying what they think about any given situation, freedom of speech will suffer. I worry about that.

And, to be quite frank, if you can't complain about the boss, you can express your outrage in much more subversive ways. And that can be much worse than spouting off....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Of Jackhammers and Stuff

My neighborhood is undergoing a serious revitalization.

It's wonderful and I just wish it would been started sooner.

So, right now, I am listening to jack hammers as concrete is being broken and poured, hammers are pounding in nails, bulldozers are pulling away buildings. It's the sound of 'ca-ching, ca-ching' to my ears.

Unfortunately, some of my neighbors are finding this disconcerting. They really enjoy the cars lining the streets and are used to a poorer, slum like area. You know, with pit bulls being walked around and beer cans thrown in the bushes.

It's interesting to watch how people react to change.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Raining Crap!

Yes, you read that right.

My darling Big H loves to sleep next to me. He wants to feel my heart. Isn't that sweet?

Oh, it usually is.

That is, until Big H has the big, runny diarrhea. That's right. Leelu had it first, then Big H caught it from her.

The symptoms are....nothing at first... the doggy thinks he's fine. He settles in for a good night's sleep, snuggling up to me.

Then, say about 3 a.m., I awaken to Big H standing over my head. With massive runny diarrhea. All over my pillow. And there's nothing solid about it. Basically, it's an extremely large amount of poo water. All over my bed. All over my head.

By the time I clean everything up, I'm up...the dogs are up and the laundry is going. I manage to go to the couch and settle back in there for the night...only to find myself awakened at 5 a.m. to another poo attack. On My Head. On the couch.

More laundry, showering and the dogs go outside for a little bit. Which they don't like. At least Big H doesn't like. And he tells me he doesn't like it. Loudly. Until I let him in at 10 a.m.

Last night I'd had quite enough of the poo showers. So Big H and Leelu slept in the bathtub. And I had the best night's sleep ever. It was lovely.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Sting of Rejection

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse...I thought I'd withstood it all when it came to The Great Recession, a.k.a. The Year I Didn't Get A Job, but no.....

There were all the jobs I'd applied for that fit my resume as if I, and only I, were capable of applying for it...the jobs where I'd get a rejection within four hours of sending out my resume (was it even read???)...the jobs where I tried to submit a resume only to be rebuffed..."Only current employees can apply for this position.."...(but don't they already have a job?!?)...the jobs that were so basic a blindfolded monkey could do them (but I wasn't even considered for the position)...

Then there was the 100+ hour job from hell with 3 bosses who over-rided each other and demanded ridiculous things of me and then refused to pay me....that was a funner.

But now it's even worse. Now I am getting rejected from placement agencies!

This particular placement agencies specializes in my field. They charge candidates $45 for the pleasure of placing them with employers. Only they don't want my money!!!!

Get this. A candidate pays them regardless of being placed with an employer or not. All the agency does is collect up the money and find a job for the candidate.

Despite having four credentials in four different areas, despite a Master's degree and work experience, apparently I am so undesirable that even the placement agency doesn't want to take my money!!!!

Now that stings.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Top 10 Reasons....

...Al Gore and Tipper are going to separate...

1) Tipper wants to go back to her maiden name, Tipper Canoe.

2) Al is having a torrid affair with Al Sharpton.

3) Tipper just found out that Chaz Bono is Al's love child.

4) When the global meltdown occurs in 2014, Al wants to go to his grave free and clear of the ball and chain.

5) Until every state in the union recognizes the rights of everyone to marry, Al and Tipper can't live with the hypocrisy.

6) Tipper gave an ultimatum to Al; "Don't have anymore botched plastic surgery or I'm leaving you!"

7) Tipper couldn't take anymore of Al's swearing everytime he got a sunburn.

8) Even the new female viagra couldn't help....Tipper just wasn't feelin' it.

9) As empty nesters, Al decided to bring home a new birdie.....

10) Al's newest movie is called Global Warming Part II...and it's an expose about Tipper's experiences with menopause...