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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sick Out

I'm pulling a sick out.

Only, since I'm unemployed, it seems to be only affecting my social life.

I've pulled out of the neighborhood association meeting, at a cost of tremendous guilt. But, just when I start to feel mildly better, the flu symptoms come crashing back, pushing any idea of reclaiming my life away.

I've reneged on my knitting meeting. Not so bad, you think? Ah, but this is my third no-show and I think the group may ban me from further meetings due to lack of attendance.

Committing to an afternoon out, I agreed to meet up with my neighbor for a quick bite to eat. This despite my lack of funds and my sickness induced inertia.

Unfortunately, she has what I have (with maybe a little more common sense, although -in my defense- She Did Ask Me), and so she bailed out at the last minute.

Which was more than okay, since I really need to save all monies in the hopes that I will be able to pay my mortgage this month without dipping into savings (too much).

I am too sick to sleep, yet too tired to do anything other than blindly search for jobs and sit like a potato on the couch.

This cannot continue.

I believe I have only a few more days of this virus (it can't last for a week, can it?) and then I must DECLUTTER. This is extremely difficult for me as it feels like a JOB and an unpaid JOB at that.

So, if I had more ambition, I'd probably suck it up and start decluttering and working on job applications.

But instead, I will sit with my ever - larger - spreading ass on the couch and moan about my aches, pains, watery eyes and sore throat. Because, while not effective, it makes me feel better. See, I can still call in sick even though I don't have any job to call into.


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