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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Shelter Babies

I'm just sittin' here with my two shelter dogs and I gotta say...

Rescuing a dog from a shelter is the way to go.

My dogs are AWESOME.

They are really, really cute. Much cuter than any purebred I've seen.

My little dogs (about 10 lbs, give or take..mostly take) came completely housebroken, only bark when letting me know if something is going on (they aren't yappy), are totally socialized (my girl-which I got a week and a half ago- didn't even snap at the two year old who attempted to snatch her tail), and are extremely loving. They get along with other dogs, give me kisses all the time and are absolutely adorable. They are also so easy to train. I've already got them sitting by the door when it's time for a walk. And they are adults (one and a half, and the other one is two and a half) but so smart I can still train them!

And to think, that the little female I adopted a week and a half ago, was going to be put down for SPACE! Because the shelter was running out of space for the other dogs! And she only came to the shelter at the end of July!

Here's another reason for adopting at the shelter; it's cost effective.

My dogs were adopted out when they had been totally updated on their shots and vaccinations.

My male was neutered by the shelter, female was spayed.

Both were microchipped so if ever lost, I'll get them back.

Do you know how much you would pay if you had to do that for a dog from a breeder? Let's just say, hundreds of dollars.

If you need a friend, are feeling lonely, want to stay in shape (your dogs will make you walk them--I walk them 4 times a day, but you could just do twice a day-I like to walk), need a watch dog...or for tons of other reasons--GO TO A SHELTER.

You would not believe the darling dogs there. And some are even purebreds if your heart is set on a purebred (mutts are smarter).


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