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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Julie and Julia

My good friend, Nini's mom, took me out to the movies a couple of days ago (I think it was Monday) and we saw Julie and Julia.

I have to say, going during the day in the middle of the week is the way to go. The theater was empty. I was surprised. Aren't more people laid off? Maybe they are, but can no longer afford the cost of a movie. Although, apparently during the Depression, movies flourished. So what is going on? I was a little confused.

But on to the movie.

It was a cute movie.

Julie was a spoiled East Coast brat who didn't understand why her richie rich prep school friends were making millions, while she was living above a cute little pizzeria with her gorgeous, understanding, kind, loving husband.

Boy oh boy she had it hard.

To top it all of, she had a job where she had to fend phone calls from victims of 9-11, seeking recomp. But she had a job.

Since she felt so sorry for herself (oh she had it tough), she continually whined to her put-upon husband (who also had a job, as a journalist I think). So life was really rough for the two of them. Did I mention that they had a place to live? A cute little apartment above a Pizzeria. They weren't living with anyone's parents, under a bridge, in a garden shed, a car...oh but I digress.

Hubby got sick of her whining.

"Why don't you start a blog?" he asked her.

THEN...He even CREATED the blog for her, while she sat there like the toadstool that she was, with her jaw dropping at his amazing technology skills.

All she had to do was update the blog (which was posted on Salon, by the way). Oh and do a little cooking.

How hard is that?

And through her contacts, I AM SURE, she was able to get some bozo from the Christian Science Monitor to bring a cooking editor to her house, posted it in the New York Times and she was able to publish a book and make a movie.

Oh, and by the way, the blog and book and movie, were all about Julia Child...although, it really seemed to spend a HUGE amount of time on the spoiled, overly impressed with herself, buttoned up East Coast brat who was creating the blog.

The greatest part of this movie, though, was how utterly amazing Meryl Streep was as Julia Child. She was better portraying Julia Child than the actual woman herself! I grew up watching Julia Child and I have to say, I could barely understand the woman. Meryl made her coherent, likable and actually appeared to be Julia Child - a huge six foot tall chef! Meryl Streep is probably the best actress there is...I truly believe that after watching this movie.

But Julie? Blech...

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