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Friday, September 11, 2009


My list of things to do to survive Unemployment;

1) Get roomates. Lots of roomates.

2) Eat at home. Vegetables, potatoes, pasta.

3) Watch t.v. (it's free)

4) Go to EDD office. Every day. Attend Every Workshop.

5) Read tons of books. From the library (it's free).

6) Go on long walks (it's free).

7) Hang out with the neighbors that you never got to know when you were busy working.

8) Go to Happy Hour when feeling flush.

9) Simplify. Throw out anything that is no longer useful.

10) Cook. Comfort Food. A lot. So you don't feel deprived.

11) Thrift Shop when feeling flush.

12) Learn a new skill. Maybe learn to knit or something.

13) Don't let people monopolize your time. "Oh, you're not doing anything! Swing by the house and pick up for me" or "I need a ride to ".

14) Close accounts you no longer need. For example, I'm in the process of closing down my Netflix accounts.

15) Join Meetup groups. Through Yahoo! It's free (often) and you can investigate hobbies or talents you never had time for when employed.

16) Go through your closet. You can dress however you want now! No worries about 'casual Fridays', corporate bans on jeans, shirts that show bra straps, etc.,. You can dress like a hoochie if you want!

17) Eat Chocolate. A lot.

18) Adopt another dog. Or three of them. You need the company and they need a home. Shelters are innundated with dogs right now. Free the dogs!

19) Investigate part time work, self employment, opening a business and freelance work.

Hope that helps! It sure felt good to write it all down!

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