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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Best doggies in the World

I could go on and on about my puppies they (they are fullgrown dogs)...but I'll try to keep my list down to 10...

This is why my doggies are the best ever;

1) they snuggle with me and give me love whenever I need it, even if I don't know I'm needing it.

2) they make me laugh. Every day.

3) they tell me they love me. Every day. Anyone who says dogs can't talk, doesnt know dogs.

4) they are smart really smart. Scary smart. They train me to walk them a certain time. They know automatically what is a dog toy and what isn't. They know when I'm happy, sad, in a bad mood, even when I don't know what I'm feeling.

5) they are always up for an adventure. Always.

6) they never complain about what we are doing. Well, hardly ever.

7) they are always smiling.

8)'they love my food.

9) they buffer the bad times. Really. If I take em with me, I can deal with stressful people and situations. Cuz it never gets them down. And I can bring my attention to them and off of the lunatics in my presence.

10) they are family.


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