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Friday, July 31, 2009

Love My Plants

Wrote out my to-do list early this morning...

And I've already crossed most of the items off!

Which is fantastic.

I'm considering creating a blog for Big H. And, if I do, I'll definitely include more photos on it.

Yesterday, I did another Goodwill run...this time, a drop off.

I donated my tape deck/cd stereo system that I bought from Target twenty years ago and never use. It was huge and took up half my dresser!

I donated tons of clothes (and have at least one more closet and a full garage of clothes to donate). I also gave my neighbor a pot for her plant that I bought because it was really pretty, but I never used it because it didn't have a whole on the bottom and the colors weren't right for me (I like deeper, richer colors).

I've found 2 great ways to display my plants.

First, my newest Maidenhair Fern looks beautiful in a simple, white bowl.

Then, my Peace Plant looks gorgeous in a copper square bowl.

I still want to create a mini hurricane terrarium with some moss. But I just don't feel motivated to make my way to the nursery. I want to go to the East Bay because Regan's Nursery is THE BEST, but it's a ways away, so it takes some time for me to get moving.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Daddy Dearest

The history of the United States is not what people seem to think.

Sure, we had the Quakers and all, but what many don't know is that the people who originally came over here (from England, after all we are talking about the 13 original states and the beginnings of American culture) were rich men from prominent English families looking to make their fortune.

They left their families and estates behind to "make it" in the colonies. And to bring riches home to their wives, children, families.

And, hey, they didn't want to have to clean their houses or cook anymore than today's richies want to clean...

And Native Americans were not down with sitting in some dudes house, cleaning up after them. In the first place, there weren't that many Native Americans over here anyway. And, in the second place, they were nomadic and didn't understand the agricultural or even the industrial way of life.

Ahh, so what to do?

Imagine that you are some rich, spoiled English dude and you take this boat over to the New World. You miss your wife (i.e., sex) and you really don't even know how to clean up after yourself, much less cook. What to do?

The lightbulb moment went off. Why not transport illiterate, desperate English, Scottish and Irish girls (young girls) over to the new world.

Then, while your fancy wife and children are sitting tight in London (or somewhere on your estate in England), you get four or five young women at your house cooking, cleaning and having sex with you. And guess what! Many of these young women found themselves pregnant! Surprise.

So, some of the first laws that were written in the New World were all about 'father's rights'. You know, the right to disappear, to get a fine and have the church raise his child (oh, as a slave, regardless of color)....

The result was infanticide. A lot of it. It was ugly.

And if you look at these laws and the horrific social problems that resulted, you can see how the American culture evolved (or didn't, many of the same laws from the 1500's and 1600's are on the books today--such as not allowing a pregnant woman or single mother to move).

And today, Jude Law, another English gent, is now on his fourth child with some random woman he has chosen not to marry (what a way to show honor and respect to your new child!). Read about it here.

Yet, in keeping with tradition, Americans will not rail against irresponsible, misogynistic, selfish, pedophilic fathers. Fathers who can have as many children as they have sperm. Oh no.

Much more effective to trash the mother.

Rainy Day?

It's not. Really, it's sunshiny and all. But it feels like a crappy, stay at home, pull the covers over my head and listen to the rain pound kind of day.

First, I went to drop off an application, in person. Only the hiring manager was gone. On vacation. Until next week. And I hadn't wanted to call, because when you call a school, nine times out of ten, the school secretary finds out your name and tells you NO WAY DO NOT COME DOWN HERE. And then you really can't because she'll remember your name and you'll never be able to schmooze your way in to see the principal.

So then I thought I'd check on my application. And the secretary had deleted it. I spent about 40 minutes explaining to her how a computer works, logging into my account, showing her how she'd deleted my cover letters, resume, everything. And then, after I'd applied to multiple jobs, I was only *allowed* to upload to one specific job, she insisted on deleting everything else. I was so frustrated and I was trying not to show it 'cuz that was just going to make her hit delete when my ass hit the pavement.

Anyway, I showed her how to upload my stuff and hope that somehow I've got my application in...

Then I went home. After I changed into my sweats and workout clothes, I sat on the couch numb.

Only I heard some loud fart in the dining area and I looked over and there was Big H crapping right in front of me!!!

It was before noon and it's about 6:30 pm now and he's still outside on his timeout.

I am NOT happy.

And no jobs are being advertised and I want to cry.

I think the only solution must be a bottle of wine, and a good, roaring fire in the fireplace. Yeah...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Goodwill Returns!

Yesterday, I went on a shopping binge.

Shopping at the Goodwill. I bought Guess jeans ($12), garlic roasters (2 @ $2 ea.), a popcorn machine, a picture of two cows kissing ($3.00), pots for plants...

Here's a picture of what the popcorn machine looked like ($7.99)

After I came home, I realized that I didn't need 2 garlic roasters AND the popcorn machine was taking all of this room up in my kitchen., I gathered up a huge hurricane vase (very pretty) to donate and took 1 garlic roaster and the popcorn machine back to the Goodwill.

Since they had discounted the garlic roaster (it was originally $4) they refused to refund my money. So I just left it on their counter because I need the space in my kitchen more than that.

But the Goodwill did take back the popcorn machine! YAY!

When I was leaving, an older woman asked if I was buying the hurricane vase (that I planned on donating). I told she could have it, that I was going to donate it but if she wanted it, she could have it.

Good karma for the day!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ten things

Ten things I must do today;

1) Put together the plants
2) Clean out the garage (I mean, at least, just start on it)
3) Drop off misc. at Goodwill
4) Charge up camera so I can upload pics of items to sell on Craigslist or Ebay
5) Go thru garage and find interesting items to put plants into
6) Apply to six jobs
7) clean out bedroom 1
8) Organize and clean out bedroom 2
9) Clean out bathroom closet
10) Clean house
and, one extra, just 'cuz I want to improve the odds that I will do anything on the list
11) Bake, movies, bake, walks, bake

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Favorite Spaghetti Recipe

1 bottle of red wine (any kind, but not a rose)
garlic cloves (3-7)
chopped up onion
Olive oil
a bunch of over ripe tomatoes
* optional but good, basil-fresh off the plant
boiled spaghetti, according to package directions
Parmesan cheese, grated

pour some Olive oil into a saucepan (try to get a medium to wide pan) over high heat. Add tomatoes (if extra large ripe tomatoes, chop them up into chunky bites).
As the tomatoes start to pop, and get juicy, add onions and garlic.
Let it cook a little, turn down to medium high and add some wine.
Let it cook a little, add some basil.
After the tomatoes and onions and garlic have softened, add a little red wine. For about fifteen to twenty minutes, after you've put a lid on the saucepan, let the concoction simmer on low.
Put spaghetti in a bowl, and pour the sauce over it. Add parmesan cheese. good!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thrifting and loving it!

Well, I've started cleaning out the clutter.

And decided to be very selective when it comes to treasure hunting, or thrifting if you will.

So yesterday, I dropped off a comforter (huge!) and three bags of clothes. At Goodwill.

And then I went in for a little shoppin' (HEY no judgements! I deserved a little treat for cleaning out some of my clothes).

Anyway, I ended up with this fantastic 1960's spice cabinet for $5.99. It is gorgeous, with illustrations, descriptions of what spice goes where...and I'm thinking I can store things other than spices in there as well, tea, salt 'n pepper, tea, tins, tea, etc... Who knows, maybe I'll just put some of my tea in there...

Also, I found gorgeous Thank you cards for $1, a little bowl for planting my succulents (plants, you fool!) for $2.99 and a cup with "G" on it for Big G when/if she comes over again.

AND yesterday I decided to wear two of my thrift store finds (and lots of sterling silver jewelry). I wore my Lucy tank top....which I love...and a pair of capri jeans (the label called them "Tuff lady jeans" or something) which fit really well. I'm not into wearing jeans so much anymore now that sweatpants have become stylish and comfortable and something you can dress up and wear and pretend they are just regular pants. Plus, sweatpants don't have those huge pockets that emphasize my rear.

I love, love, love thrifting...but I've decided I need to focus on 1) saving cash (every dollar counts!) and 2) clearing out clutter. Today I may attack the second bedroom and/or the garage. I fully expect that garage to take a month to clear out and I'm NOT looking forward to it. I really just should call 1-800-GET-JUNK or whatever that number is to pay someone to haul all of the crap away.

But I'm so attached to some of it....I even have Big G's baby clothes from 20 years ago!

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Friday, July 17, 2009


I adopted a dog about 6 months ago...

He's fantastic and more than I ever dreamed of! A wonderful animal, completely housebroken, fun to hang with...heck, he even likes to go shopping with me! Now, how many of you can say that about your boyfriends or husbands? exactly.

So I signed up for dogster.

It's this great website, forum, resource that tells you all about dogs.

I read up on the breed I got...a chi mix...and learned a whole lot...

Anyway, I looked at my email today and dogster has this newsletter that they put out.

Apparently, the Feds are busting dogfighting rings all over the states.

Thank goodness! I've heard that the sickos that have these rings use small dogs as bait or to train the larger dogs to kill. Sick. Sick. Sick.

Anyway, if you want to read about how the feds rounded up the dogs and animals who created the dogfighting rings, the link is here.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I'm supposed to wait for my call from the Unemployment Agency today.

Because, apparently, teachers don't usually apply for unemployment.

But, since I've been told I wasn't going to be rehired, my union says I am eligible for it.

Which is a good thing, since I really, really need the money to pay my mortgage and living expenses and to give me time to find another job.

But I still stress out about it....getting a job, filing correctly, etc.,.

Because government workers can be really obtuse and, for any random reason, sometimes things become unnecessarily difficult.

So, even though this is totally routine, it stresses me out.

Silly, huh?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

July Job Search

It's been 3 weeks and I just got another rejection email.

This one is in answer to a job I applied for yesterday!!!

Can you believe it?

And, honestly, I don't want another job like the last zillion jobs I've had.

I like working...if I'm working on what I want to work on...NOT working on some stupid ass thing that I know won't work


well I'm off to spend time with my H and then off to visit C and Ty.

I've decided to try and write a novel as well....we'll see what it all leads to...