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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dixie Carter-dead

I can't really believe it.

I remember when my grandmother moved in with us in her early '80s. She'd just been divorced after being married for 40 years. Hubby cheated with a 6o year old and she was pretty depressed.

I can still remember asking her if she wanted to read the newspaper one morning.

"No, I don't want to even look at it.." she said.

"So many of my friends are in the obituaries that I just can't stand to read the paper anymore."

That's how I felt today when I heard on CNN that Dixie Carter had died. I loved watching Designing Women. It was such a great show. And she was a wonderful southern lady. The kind of person that you felt you knew well, even when you didn't.

She reminded me of my daughter's preschool teacher, who had migrated to California during the Oklahoma dustbowl. With a hint of a southern accent (or was it midwestern?), Mrs. Peacock always made you feel good. Good about your child, and that you were part of Mrs. Peacock's family and that she cared about you, your kid and your life. And that she was fair and honest and decent.

I felt that way about Dixie Carter. And I feel so sad that all of my female role models are ending up with small, little paragraphs in the backs of newspapers or as little news bites on Internet sites when they go. Wilma Mankiller, Dixie Carter...these women all mattered to me. And they deserve to be on the front page of the paper when they do. Because they made the world a better place. For everyone.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Sometimes You Just Want To Pray

Wilma Mankiller died today. I read about it on Yahoo! news.

If you have taken any Women's Studies courses, you know about her. If you have any awareness of the Native American struggle, you know about her.

And I'm very, very sad about the miner's in West Virginia.

Why haven't we developed technology to send drones down into the mines? Why do we still send people down there? I thought our world was advanced....

Monday, April 05, 2010

Time Flies When You're....


I swear, I've been putting off just about everything lately. Now, even though I'm jobless, I have so many tasks lined up and I feel as though I'm treading water. Whew.

I'm still decluttering....took 4 huge bags of clothes, two bowls (one was a beautiful copper, the other a nice white one), a cheeseboard and an expensive steam cleaner to the Goodwill. And I have so much more to do!

The bathroom needs to be sanded down, painted and I need to get joint compound and spackle. I'm going to go with a lovely sandy beige on the walls and I also need to grind down the grout on the tile floor and get it a nicer white and not that nasty grey.

I need to paint the master bedroom (walls and ceiling) as well as get someone in here to look at the wall. I have to contact the Property Manager about the dry rot as well (probably write a letter).

And I am afraid to open my garage! I still have to go through that! Egads, I have so much to do!

But even those above tasks are second place to the job hunt. I march on, looking for that one job that will pay my mortgage.....

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Kids, Kids, Kids

I had a three year old and nine year old visiting these last few days.


I forgot how much energy kids have...I forgot how you have to feed them all the time, bathe them and walk them. And talk to them..and watch them 24/7....

I'm sooo tired.

I wanted to have a few friends over to visit, while the kids were here. That's not a good plan.

Kids require a lot of work.

And I totally forgot!

Big G is going on twenty and I've forgotten how much work kids are! How easily I forget!

Dogs are WAAY easier!