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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Noise 'n Neighbors

It was noisy this morning.

First, construction noises tht awoke me in the early morning hours. Not just the overweight twentysomething that lives next door and body slams her door any chance she can get (I think she's mentally disturbed), but the ongoing shrieking and crashing of cranes and tons of steel slamming against each other in a constant, never letting up alarm clock like crashing and bashing.

So I woke up.

Headed downstairs, fixed a cup (or two) of tea. And decluttered my email inboxes.

As I sat, slowly going through my online obligations, the other neighbors sent their shrill 3 year old outside their front door (and under my window) to play.  Apparently, he's too noisy for them to deal with in their house. Which means I get the pleasure of hearing the noisiest kid on earth outside screaming and yelling and, inevitably, cry-screaming that he wants to go back inside. The kid does this for hours. If anyone needs to get neutered to prevent more of this, it's those neighbors. But I'm sure they have another on the way.

As I sat on my couch, pondering the means of justifiable homicide, the dogs went nuts. They started barking as if someone's pants were on fire. Pretty soon I could hear some hammering and, eventually, someone started slamming what sounded like a metal obje t up against my house. It was the cable guy.

I gave up. Spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon looking up land in the quiet countryside on Zillow.


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