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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beautiful Day

Went to the Art and Wine Sidewalk Fest in Downtown Mt. View today.

Dogs aren't allowed.

Strollers are though. They usually are being driven by a particularly obtuse person who sidles up to a group of people, forming a blockade, making sure no one can go past.

Then there is Grandma...usually grandma likes to take the stroller and whap ankles with it. When you scream "OWWW" and lie on the ground, crippled, grandma smiles and sails by...'cuz, really, all she wanted to do was get around people fast.

Screaming kids are always allowed. Special points are awarded if their sticky hands find their way onto an innocent passerby.

And don't forget the drunken a-hole dude. He usually hasn't showered in, say, a month. He's thoroughly drunk, to the point the waves of alcohol are surrounding him and making it even harder to breathe if you are within 25 feet of him. He likes to stumble and shove his drink into you.

Lest we forget, there is the intrepid shopper. She has to see everything. With elbows like razor blades and fourteen shopping bags dripping from her arms, she will charge into a booth or stand guard outside of it, not letting anyone in. This particularly odious person usually arrives in a group...and often there are two or three of her taking over the sidewalk, a booth or pathway.

But dogs aren't allowed. That's probably more for the benefit of the dogs, as I don't think any of the people listed above have had their rabies shots and I wouldn't put it past the above peoples to bite someone.