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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sticky Shit

The weather has become warmer and my attitude has warmed up accordingly.

I'm not quite as pissy as I was...

I'm working my arse off trying to get something going...and attending meetings after meetings.

I signed up for FastPencil and started my books.

I registered a domain name to start a business.

I joined up with some friends to start another business going.

I've investigated commission-only sales jobs and looked at initial sales goals.

I talked to a store about carrying my line of baby blankets, hats and other knitted items.

I ran out of business cards but still haven't ordered more.

something has to stick. I'm running out of shit to throw on the wall.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Oakland Riots

Did anyone watch the Oakland riots the other night?

I did. I thought it was fascinating, the way the media kept inciting people.

The anchors would get so excited if they thought a mob was forming. And when Footlocker was being looted, the news anchors acted as if it were a party.

The number of police officers in Oakland was insane. The 'mob' wasn't that big--there were more cops than protesters. I finally figured out why. Since so many cities are laying off their cops--it's a chance for the cops to get overtime and beef up their pay before they are let go.

I also think that the Oakland Police Chief was very selective about the people he instructed his officers to arrest, so as not to incite people in Oakland. The people looting Footlocker weren't arrested, but others, on the sidelines, were. Interesting.

However, when Mehsrle gets his verdict handed down (the amount of jail time), I think there may be more riots.

Sunshine, Roses AND...


Yes, I have them.

I have been denying it for years.

My doctor used to try to push Claritin (an allergy drug) on me and I would refuse.

"No!" I'd say as she trotted out the free samples.

"I don't have allergies," I'd growl, "I don't believe in allergies."

"Okay, Cece," she'd reply, rolling her eyes. "If that works for you."

It's not working for me anymore.

Monday, July 05, 2010

And You Thought It Was Bad....

So, I'm a California brat...grew up here. Went to school with the whole California 'tude. You know, meritocracy...everyone is equal...hell, I even spent years a come back here to learn about 'civil rights' (which actually I, at 6th grade, could've taught the East Coast prima donna airheads who headed out here to educate us). I spent years overseas, not knowing the language, being discriminated against because of religion.

But that's beside point.

I can't get a job now.


Because I don't speak the language. Spanish, that is. I mean I do speak it...just not completely fluently. Estudiar muchos anos, pero no comprende mucho. So, that is one demerit against me in the job search ( a huge one, actually).

And, since I'm looking for a job in education....big disadvantage not having a penis and all. I guess I could pretend to be a lesbian. But I'm not big on, two strikes.

Now, whenever you apply for a teaching position in our state (online), you fill out this application...which requests your racial identity. I always ignore that part. Even thought the application doesn't state that it's required to state what your ethnicity's implied (although if you don't answer=which I don't=you can still submit your application).

So, tricky me, I thought I'd finessed it by submitting applications and ignoring the rude "what race are you? questions" and I have been actually getting a few interviews.

Only here''s the rub....once engaged in the's clear that being white, female and speaking grammatically correct English is quite enough reasons for me NOT to get the job.

Which is a shame...because my 99.9% hispanic students for the last two years (7th and 8th grade) told me that I was their first teacher that taught them how to speak properly.

But that's an aside...'cuz clearly in the state of Cali-fornication that doesn't matter (in fact actually teaching my largely migrant hispanic students life skills is a huge career liability) any my last interview it was in front of a panel of 3 people....with a series of 8 questions...I had to read the handout in front of me but wasn't allowed to take the handout with me when I left (for obvious reasons)...

And one of the questions was this...

"How does your ethnic and racial identity contribute to this position?"

Racism, anyone? Isn't our educational system terrific?

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Chris is a Girl

Okay, so I watched the Batchelor tennis match between Jake and Vienna.

And I came to one conclusion (okay, maybe more than one, but one that was so apparent).

Chris is a girl. Yes, he wears a suit and a wedding ring. And shoes that are obviously too big.

But his hands are small. And he smirks. And giggles. And asks girly questions.

And tries to pretend he's compassionate.

He's not.

I think he's married to Melissa Ethridge.

I keep expecting him to break out the guitar and teddy. ICK.

So I watched the Jake and Vienna show.

And I agree with Vienna.

Jake's a whore. Fame whore, Dancing Whore, Dumb Whore, Wants-to-do-Chris-Whore...but he's a whore.


KQED is looking better.