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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Washington D.C.

According to a Yahoo! news story I recently read, the young, fabulous and rich are all heading to or living in Washington D.C.

Their goal, from what I read of the story, is to continue making $100,000 plus and create more government jobs.

And I have to say, having watched education change over the past twenty years (as an Educator), schools are pumping out little bureaucrats, so it makes sense that they would all head to Washington.

These paper pushers are trained early to juggle hundreds of homework assignments, sign up for committees, sit in chairs staring straight ahead, not see the light of day for weeks at a time by going from classroom to tutoring session to language/music/special afterschool classes.....and the end result is that they are gravitating to the familiar. Students today are used to a life of committees, no time outdoors, huge work sessions and they find that lifestyle in government. Congress anyone?

They all want to be lawyers, lobbyists, government foils.

Why oh why have we created a generation of people who are not interested in moving our society forward, only in creating government jobs, laws, churning out anything that they can get paid for, whether it is profitable or might make them money but will only drain our society.

Our education system is a sham. And our society is rewarding our unproductive members of society (these kids in Washington D.C.) who don't DO anything. And the ones who DO help move our society forward (farmers, laborers, business owners) are more and more being paid less and less.



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