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Sunday, April 28, 2013

April Showers bring May Flowers...

Not a lot of showers this April.

I found myself stashing the portable heater away in the garage.  Because it's supposed to be upwards of 90 degrees in the coming days and it just doesn't make sense to keep it out.

Even though I've cleaned out the garage, I find myself throwing more and more stuff in there.  I don't want a lot of stuff.  But when I get overwhelmed, I like to think that if I buy a new outfit or something for the house, I'll feel better.  It all adds up.

Last year, I watched hours and hours of the show, "Hoarders" for motivation to throw things out.  It worked.  I completely transformed the garage.

Isn't it funny how different people handle stress?

Some people drink.  Some people get confrontational and nasty.  Some people disappear.  And some people (ahem, me) tend to accumulate. 

It sure feels great when I manage to pull through and throw stuff out though.  I've got to stay on top of that.


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