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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy February

I visited a friend's blog and realized that it's been some time since I posted. I'm going to try and post more guarantees, but I'll do what I can...

In February I watched two netflix movies...."Eat Pray Love" and "Temple Grandin". Of the two movies, I preferred "Temple Grandin", although "EPL" wasn't all that bad.

EPL was your typical hollywood take on a bestselling novel. It had the scenery and the travel and it attempted a superficial, LA dive into deep, introspective-what shall I do with my life?- questions. Unfortunately, a deep, thought provoking, sensitive quest for the deeper meaning of life in LaLa land is a walk in shallow waters for all of the rest of us. The best character in EPL was the man that Julia Roberts met in India. He was the only real character in the movie, to me. Everyone else was a sort of caricature. And the novel was better, for the most part, because it did delve into the meaning of life. The novel was hard to get through because it dragged a lot in the middle of the book...but it picked up the pace in the end, making it worthwhile. At least the movie didn't drag on and on.

On the other hand, "Temple Grandin" was a fantastic movie. It was about Temple Grandin, an animal behaviorist and consultant to the livestock industry, who also is a Professor at, I believe, a college in Arizona. She also is autistic.

There were multiple themes in this movie, making it absolutely riveting. The first theme was how Temple Grandin overcame the obstacles of autism, turning those obstacles into strength. Another theme was a mother's struggle to get her daughter an education. But, just as impactful and meaningful, was the theme of the struggle of animals, who live with us, serve us, feed us and are treated inhumanely and are misunderstood. But wait! There was also the theme of a woman achieving prominence and at the top of her field in a male dominated and sexist industry. All of these themes wove together into the intricate and fascinating story of Temple Grandin's life.

I wholeheartedly endorse the "Temple Grandin" movie. It's so good!


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