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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

3 Days and Counting...

...before my visitors arrive.

And what have I done to prepare for their visit? How about what I haven't done...

I haven't done laundry.

I haven't cleaned the house.

I haven't gone to the store and I haven't stocked up on groceries or other goodies.

I haven't set up their beds or given much thought to where they will be sleeping.

I haven't thrown out all the stuff I have laying around the house, taking up valuable space.

I haven't worked out my budget for their stay...and since I'm job hunting that will make it oh-so-fun-and-enjoyable.

I haven't cleaned the car, inside or out.

I haven't cleaned the bathrooms.

I haven't cleaned out the kitchen cupboards, making space for food.

I haven't cleaned the refrigerator, throwing out old food and wiping it down.

I haven't worked on the yard, sweeping up weeds and planting all of the new plants I've bought.

I haven't cleaned off the living room table or the couch.

I haven't carried the piles of stuff I want to keep over to the garage.

Oh. well.

It should be an interesting stay.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ritalin Kids

I just read an article on MSNBC about the fact that more kids are prescribed ritalin after a divorce than in the normal population. I think the article said it doubled the number of kids on ritalin.


Basically, what the article doesn't say, is the pressure that dumb-ass psychologists, social workers, teachers, judges, lawyers (better known as; "the system") places on parents to dope up kids.

Really, if you are going through a divorce or any court process that involves your kids, your main job is to protect your kids from these predators.

Because the whole process capitalizes and victimizes kids. The funny thing is, all these so-called parenting experts, who live to sermonize, order around and dictate to families and children, have some pretty f*up families of their own.

Doping up kids is stupid. Just say "no" court system.