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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Blogging While Drunk

According to a story I just read on KNTV-11, Roseanne Barr is being accused of blogging while drunk. You can find the link to the story here.

Apparently Roseanne typed all sorts of things down in her blog...that she was drunk, that she was old, that she was in Hawaii...that's what the story said.

But the story also said that Roseanne was accusing her intern of writing all of the weird stuff...oh! and stealing a sex tape.

C'mon folks...after the Naomi Campbell incidents and the Nanny Diaries and the Lohan Stalking (she stalked her Assistant's mom according to news stories), why would anyone dream of being an Assistant to the Stars??? You'd need hazard pay!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Another Baby....

went to Homeowner's Meeting today and found out that yet another neighbor is pregnant.

What is going on with all these babies?

It's quite annoying.

It probably wouldn't even be so bad if I didn't have so many people telling me;

1) I'm too old to have any more kids

2) I shouldn't have any more kids because they are expensive and I live in a super duper expensive area with no support system

3) I shouldn't want to have kids since I've already had one. I should be happy just living out the rest of my life traveling and watching t.v.

It irks me that so many people feel entitled to tell me what I should want. And they tell me this without my even asking them what I think.


Tech Meeting Group

Last night I went to the Tech Meeting Group in Palo Alto.

First, let me say, it was very nice of the Venture Capitalists/Law Firm DLA Piper to let the group meet there. But finding the place took me a little time. I finally figured out that it was across from Ikea (across Hwy 101) in that complex that has the Four Seasons Hotel. It's a beautiful complex, with an outdoor pool/shooting fountain in the middle.

But, since it took me so long to find the meeting, I missed most of the other speakers. I did, however, get there in time to hear Guy Kawasaki's pitch about Truemors.

It's an RSS feed, that let's people post newsy type rumors, for all to see. It's kind of fun, and a good idea in that it lets those people who aren't that tech savvy but know how to type be part of the blog/morphing news revolution.

But probably the funniest part(s) of the night were Guy's stories. He described the critics who panned his site as 50 year old men who still live with their mothers. Then, he told the story of the frog and the scorpion. The story goes somewhat like this (I'm paraphrasing);

"The frog met a scorpion who wanted to cross the river. The scorpion asked the frog to carry his across the river. The frog said, 'oh no, you'll sting me!'

The scorpion said, 'no, I won't sting you because I'll be on your back and then we'll both die."

So the frog agreed to carry the scorpion across the river, on his back. Halfway across the river, the scorpion stung the frog. As the frog was dying, he said to the scorpion, 'why did you sting me? Now you will die too, as you will sink in the water.' The scorpion said, 'of course I stung you, that's what I do....'"

Guy used that story to explain his own nature, as an Evangelist for technology. He was a Venture Capitalist, and now is an Entrepeneur.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Day Without Calls

So I just spent the whole day with not one call about jobs.

Then I went on Edjoin and did a search on the jobs in my field, listed in the last 3 days. Nothing.

So, I am feeling really pissy about all of this. Why aren't districts calling?

I don't really want to give up my summers off, so I'm thinking I might stay in teaching now. I don't want to sit all propped up in front of a desk all day and I want to spend my evenings developing my businesses and my photography.

But, without a job, I may have to be creative about my next venture. I'm thinking... a part time job here with a night job there....

But really, I'm irritated. I didn't go to school, get 3 teaching credentials, become NCLB certified in my field, get a Master's Degree and and Administrative Credential as well in Educational Leadership and Management to find NOBODY wants to hire me. If that is the case, why the hell didn't the colleges tell me this about $40,000 ago?

Blog it, Baby

Just read Letterman's Top Ten List. This one is his "Top Ten Titles of Recent Blog Entries". It's pretty funny and inspires me to do the same;

Top Ten Blog Entries of BOMD;

1) Why I like Green Ice Cream

2) How to Lose a Job in 6 months or less

3) Job Hunting; Optional or not?

4) Daytime Television; The Lifeblood of the Unemployed

5) Overstock; The Stuff of Fantasies

6) How to Avoid Dweebs in Suits

7) Random Comments About Famous People

8) Watching My Pedicure Dry

9) Baby Showers For the Single Gal

10) How to Interview For A Job You Don't Want

Monday, August 06, 2007

Age of Love

I started watching the show on NBC called, "Age of Love". The premise is that this 30 year old guy is going to choose either a 20-something or a 40-something. And the show is hosted by Kelly Ripa's hubby, Mark Consueles.

In this last episode, the two remaining 'gals' - yes, I have a hard time calling them women when they are acting like fruitcakes- and the actor and, yes, even the host are Latino. It's kind of funny how it turned out that way, because, at least initially, I don't think all the women were Hispanic. The bachelor must prefer Latinas.

What's so funny is that the 20-something gal is absolutely hideous and acts like a helpless ditz. It's all about what everyone else can do for her. Apparently men like that because the bachelor dude is acting like he's pretty whipped where she's concerned. She must make him feel useful.

He likes the 40-something chick (she's actually 48) but is nowhere near whipped where she's concerned. In fact, it's pretty obvious that she can take care of herself. And I don't think he likes that. And she puts that 20-something to shame, because she's gorgeous. I don't know why she decided to go on this reality show. Surely she had other options.

I've studied this phenomenom and have come to the conclusion that the uglier and stupider the woman, the more whipped the dude. I don't know why this is the case, but, universally, it seems to be true. So, if you want a guy who is going to skip to your tune, make yourself as homely as possible and turn into a whining, demanding b**ch.

Fake Steve

I just heard on the news that a Senior Editor of Forbes Magazine has a blog where he pretends to be Steve Jobs.

On the news, the anchor said that the Blogster made fun of Steve Job's management skills (or lack thereof).

I think that's funny. But I have no knowledge of his management skills...not having been the unlucky drone that was subjected to his weirdness. I have, however, seen what I've been told is his house in Palo know, the one he claimed he was planting an orchard in the back yard...and instead demolished the house next to his to build a huge kids playhouse-mock castle. But the real laugh is the actual house...

You's a troll house. It's supposed to be a fake french chalet, but it looks like a house a troll lives in.

Now, this is NOT a fake that the house really does look pretty funny.


I had a great plan for today.

I was going to print out my resume this weekend, go to Kinko's and copy off 30 of them.

Then, today (Monday) I was going to distribute them to nearby schools and employers.

On Sunday, I started watching Netflix movies (two of them) and decided that I would get up early Monday morning and print off 5 of them. Then I'd go to 5 different schools or employers and distribute them.

Then, Sunday night, K and C called....K wanted to go play tennis today (Monday) and C wanted me to pick her up at the airport.

So, it's Monday. I haven't played tennis (of course) and I haven't even looked at my resume, much less printed it out or gone by schools.

At this point, I'm starting to wonder if I even want a job!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Baby Shower...and houses

Just came back from M's baby shower in Sacto.

I was so jealous of the house where the shower was held. It had a wine refrigerator, spa bathroom, pool, 2 car garage, large kitchen, dining room, living room, huge yard, 2 bathrooms...ooh I was jealous.

The master bedroom was HUGE, with mirrored closet and sliding doors out to the pool. There was room in the backyard for a pool, patio and fruit trees. It was a corner lot, right next to the Sacto river.

So, what's the first thing I do when I come home. That's right...Zillow, baby. As in

Imagine my surprise when I find that this house that I had coveted so actually worth $250,000 less than my place?

Friday, August 03, 2007

Business Ideas

I'm not feelin' it at these job interviews.

First, I feel like my information and skills are needed, but employers feel like they can be cute...that they don't need my skills that much and they'll settle for I'm not all that inspired to work for them.

So, I've decided to ramp up my businesses plans.

And I've got a few ideas for some businesses.

What do you think I should do?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


So, I watched the View this morning. Yeah, anything to avoid preparing for an interview.

Whoopi! appeared on the program, towards the end. Apparently she's the new host(ess) of the program.

I actually really like listening to her on that radio show she does (KJAZZ or something) and she's a lot more low key than Rosie or Barbarazzella.

But what was funny, was that Joy Behar mentioned that she liked to use the phrase, "skinny bitch". And that she first used it on Debbie Matappappopolis (or whatever her name was), one of the original host(ess) on the show. But Joy had the nerve to act like she said it all in good fun.

Actually, the first one to get ganged up on was silly, young Debbie, who made the mistake of thinking that these gal's were her friends. She was pushed out and Joy was pretty nasty about it.

So, it's kind of funny to watch Joy pretend that it was all in good fun.

Watch out Whoopi!