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Sunday, May 20, 2007

No More Periods?

Okay, normally when a woman doesn't have a period, she gets worried. Is she pregnant? Is she going through early menopause?

Some woman hate having their period so much that they get this IUD that makes it so they can't have a period.

But now there's this new pill coming out. It's a birth control pill that makes it so you don't have your period anymore.

Sounds convenient. BUT. Trying to circumvent Mother Nature makes me nervous.

And not only that, the Medical Community is known for engaging in encouraging pills/medicine/surgeries for women that can cause complications.

Example; the morning sickness pill in the 1960's that caused major birth defects. Unnecessary hysterectomies. and a lot more.

So, even though this pill sounds quite lovely, I'll pass, thank you very much. Having a period is not the end of the world.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Summertime is almost here and I don't have a job lined up.

I just don't feel like looking. Yes, I have to look. No, I cannot afford NOT to look. But hey, I'm tired. I don't want to look, yet again, for another job. The layoff was brutal. The temp job is great but oh-so-temporary. I just don't feel like wading through a zillion more rejections, as I did last year.

Every year it feels the same. Some horrendous job change, financial stress and a desperate churning about for work. I just don't want to do it anymore.

Here's the thing. I'm pretty d*** employable. I have fantastic skills and I make a great employee. So, employers should come to me. I'm tired of it all.

Solution: Build up my own business.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Oh Baby...

All of my friends are having babies right now. Well, okay, not all of them but most of them.

So, I've been knitting baby blankets, baby hats, buying baby outfits and listening to pregnancy complaints for the last 7 months or more.


Well, now, at work, where I barely know anybody, I've been asked to contribute to the zillion baby showers and I'm really sick of it.

It wouldn't be so bad if I was pregnant too.

But I think I'm going to enjoy whooping it up... you know doing all the stuff you can't do while pregnant (well, really just downing a beer or two). And I've told my friends who are visiting this summer that they are not allowed to come over while pregnant.

Come to think of it, I could make that an arrestible acronym. You know, instead of DUI or DWI, don't do a COT-CP....(coming over to Cece's pregnant).

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mothering is a Mistake?

The Feminine Mistake
By Leslie Bennetts

I just listened to Leslie Bennetts, author of The Feminine Mistake, talking with Pete Wilson (ugh, I don't like him, he's a blowhard) on KGO radio.

She makes a lot of really good points but makes the mistake that too many psychologists, social scientists and economists make when interperting data. That is, she puts her own spin on the facts and appears to endorse the idea that society should penalize women for staying at home with their kids.

While I agree with her data, that most women are better off in the workforce when it comes to their own individual economic futures, I think that our children and families are probably better off when women take care of them. She is biased against that.

Our society needs women to mother...and our frayed social fabric and lost children reflect that...

But she is right in stating that we now live in a society where women who choose to stay at home with their kids are screwed. They end up, in many cases, divorced and poor. Those women who choose to stay working (often at the expense of their children and families) may end up divorced as well...but chances are they won't be as poor...It's hard for a twenty-something housewife or career woman in her early thirties to see that but, really, she's protecting herself by continuing to work. Because American society does not value or reward mothering.

The very worst case scenario is a woman in her early 40's with a small child, getting a divorce. She's going to be in deep trouble unless she's been working the whole time she's been married.

I don't need to read Leslie's book because all I have to do is look around and I can see it. Sadly, there is no support for American women to have children, stay at home and take care of them. Leslie quotes a lawyer who states that.."mothering is a short term job"...pretty typical lawyer comment and a sad commentary on the lack of foresight of our legal system and lack of respect for mothers in america.