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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Christian Brando - Dead at 49

I just read on cnn and msnbc that Christian Brando has died of pneumonia. That makes me so sad.

He had such a horrible life, from what I've read. First, he shot his pregnant 16 year old sister's boyfriend dead...Rumor has it, the boyfriend was beating the said pregnant sister. From what I remember at the time, he had to serve some time in prison for the crime. And both boyfriend and Christian Brando, from what I remember, were rumored to have problems with drugs.

Then, his sister, Cheyenne, committed suicide.

I always thought that Marlon Brando had messed up his family with all of his affairs, ex wives and wild life.

I think it is just tragic that Christian Brando had such a sad life, and now has died so young. It's like he never had a chance at a happy life with such a messed up family. His sister probably never had a chance either. So sad.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Britney Broke Out!

Britney Spears left the hospital tonight, according to KRON, the local tv station here...who is quoting TMZ. Guess she didn't like the digs.

Even Dr. Phil couldn't get her to stay. Apparently he visited...and maybe that's what made her flee!

Last Few Days of Christmas

I'm going back into work on Monday and quickly realizing that I've got a ton, A TON, of work to do. That I don't want to do.

So. I'm in complete denial. I'm putting off's gotten so bad that I'm actually organizing my room. Now, that means I'm desperate to ignore the impending doom of work-life.

So, if I come up with some New Year Resolutions, maybe I'll look forward to work a little bit more...

1) I will go on vacation this year. Somewhere. Even if it's Vegas or Tahoe or up North. But I'm going on vacation.

2) I will lose 4 inches on my waist. That is a must.

3) I will find another job. That I like. That pays well.

4) I will formulate a plan for my future.

5) I will de-clutter and get rid of more than half of my shit. I don't need it and it's holding me back.

6) I will start business. Yes. 5 of them. And they will be successful too.

7) I will have another child. Yes! And I will be able to afford this one.

8) Hardwood floors, HDTV, LCD, DVD tv, refinished cabinets, fountain outside, new appliances.

9) Photography career/Artist life.

Yup. Those are my goals. Whooo-hooo. I'm going to revisit this post next year and see how many of them happened.

Ice Skaters and Their Breasts

What is it with my role models from my teenage years? You know, Peggy Fleming and Dorothy Hamill.

I was shocked when I found out that Peggy Fleming was fighting breast cancer. But she pulled through, and came out of it looking fantastic and sounding great.

Now I've learned that Dorothy Hamill is fighting breast cancer. Errrrr...

I remember her Wedge was a lot different, made her looked sporty when all the other skaters were trying to look girly.

And her axels...her spins...she looked like an athlete...not a dainty little doll who might break.

I hope she gets through this and quickly recovers...

Britney Blows It Again...

I've been watching the Britney saga for awhile now (it's all that's on the news, other than the Iowa Caucaus that is).

Anyway, you gotta feel for that girl. We all saw what was coming. She married some one else's baby daddy, listened with half an ear to her screwed up advisors, then decided she was going to plan her life. Whew.

C'mon, who hasn't done some stupid-ass things in their twenties? The problem is, that, now that she has kids, everyone and anyone who ever hated their mother to the extent that they went out and got a psychology degree, will weigh in with their own personal biases. Geez, let her alone...

She should stay in that pych ward, get her head straightened out and think seriously about what she wants her life to look like. I think maybe she wants her Baby daddy to raise those kids. She probably should've waited a bunch of years before deciding to have kids.

Maybe, once she gets a little older, and those kids are a little older, she'll find a sperm donor, a nanny and propagate again. And we can all watch the drama all over again.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Apprentice 2008

Okay, so it's the new year, and I'm bored and there's nothing on tv, so I decide to turn on NBC.

I quickly realize I'm watching Omorossa...the looney tune who was on a previous Apprentice show and made an ass of herself. She's quickly making an ass of herself again.

First, she speaks like an 80 year old prude on steriods. Her outfits are weird. And she's busy preaching to her costars...costars, whom I quickly realize are somewhat familiar.

I can't figure out who these people are..but, lucky for me, the show quickly throws up subtitles explaining who these people are...and, thank goodness for that, because, otherwise, I would have no idea.

There is Marilou Henner, Tiffany the pubescent singing star grown up, some playboy centerfold (easily forgettable, I'll just call her "Boobs") and Jenna Jameson, the porn star. Oh and some Latina tv lady.

On the gents team (they are all divided up into gender specific teams...don't know why Trump doesn't make them wear blue and pink so we can tell the difference)...we have some never heard of English dude who is busy trying to rip off New Yorkers, a KISS guy and a Baldwin brother.

Omorossa and the Baldwin Boy are team leaders. Clearly, they hate each other...although it's hard to tell with Omorossa because she is soooo out to lunch. Seriously, she's like the stoner dude in high school who took too many drugs and doesn't make sense but you nod and smile when he talks because you don't want him to go all psycho on you. But she's a girl so she can't be the stoner dude but you secretly wonder if, in addition to the drugs, OmmorrOssa had a sex change operation. Because. That would explain everything.

Trump tells them to sell hot dogs from a hot dog cart in New York city. Yawn.

Ivanakanka (his daughter) and his teenage son are the judges (his son looks like a grown up version of spoiled looking Barrrron).

Then they visited by some troll, who it turns out, is Mayor Bloomberg.

Then they are in the Boardroom. And Baldwin Boy explains that he has someone on his team named Tito Ortiz. Great name. They should win just because they have someone named Tito Ortiz on their team.

And they do.

Omorrossa objects to the way the Boys pronounce her name. Apparently it's pronounced "AHHHmah RoseAH". Wow. I just had to know that tidbit.

Omoroosa appears in the boardroom in her granny's bedcoat. It doesn't help her cause any. I'm thinking she might be fired. And if I cared enough about the Trump Show I might continue watching. But I don't.