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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

What is Bullying?

Recently President Obama and wifey appeared on Facebook to address the issue of bullying. Apparently our children have gone bull-crazy with their bullying and it needs to be addressed.

Only it's not our children.

Let's look at our society right now. You got it, the folks who are running the show. You know, the ones with the $8 million salaries, sports figures and prominent political positions. The ones who set policy, police us and decide our laws, national budgets and state and federal positions on things like...oh, I don't know...collective bargaining for one thing.

Well, those folks are getting (or have been for awhile) quite...well, ugly is the word I'm thinking. You know, the grown up types who appear on talk shows (making billions of dollars) and complain that our teachers don't do their $35,000 a year jobs.

Or how about our billion dollar sports figures who rape young girls, yet don't face prosecution, continue to collect their gross salaries and still have a wifey and family. That's a bully.

How about the software exec. making booque bucks who thinks he knows how a public school should be run, yet never in fact ever attended a public school. A priviliged tycoon, who was priviliged all his life, yet thinks he knows all about those of us less priviliged.

Or the executive (school or industry) who toots his card as an ethnic minority and uses that to bulldoze competent teachers and sabotages students of all ethnicities. "You can't teach unless you are of my race!" this blowhard bellows. And students of his ethnicity suffer because he hires teachers only of his own ethnicity, some who can't teach. That's a bully.

The Enron execs....they were bullys. The Wall Street a-holes who gave out loans that they knew were no good..but we all ended up paying that's a bully.

Or the governor who only runs for office because he doesn't want to pay for a luxury tax on his hummers, yachts and mansions..and hires his own goons for political office (instead of a more qualified outsider) that's a bully.

But, hey, it's a feel good thing to appear on facebook and address the symptom of a larger societal problem. Talking about our larger societal problems of glorifying and magnifying the adult that would take courage.

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