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Friday, July 31, 2009

Love My Plants

Wrote out my to-do list early this morning...

And I've already crossed most of the items off!

Which is fantastic.

I'm considering creating a blog for Big H. And, if I do, I'll definitely include more photos on it.

Yesterday, I did another Goodwill run...this time, a drop off.

I donated my tape deck/cd stereo system that I bought from Target twenty years ago and never use. It was huge and took up half my dresser!

I donated tons of clothes (and have at least one more closet and a full garage of clothes to donate). I also gave my neighbor a pot for her plant that I bought because it was really pretty, but I never used it because it didn't have a whole on the bottom and the colors weren't right for me (I like deeper, richer colors).

I've found 2 great ways to display my plants.

First, my newest Maidenhair Fern looks beautiful in a simple, white bowl.

Then, my Peace Plant looks gorgeous in a copper square bowl.

I still want to create a mini hurricane terrarium with some moss. But I just don't feel motivated to make my way to the nursery. I want to go to the East Bay because Regan's Nursery is THE BEST, but it's a ways away, so it takes some time for me to get moving.


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