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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Goodwill Returns!

Yesterday, I went on a shopping binge.

Shopping at the Goodwill. I bought Guess jeans ($12), garlic roasters (2 @ $2 ea.), a popcorn machine, a picture of two cows kissing ($3.00), pots for plants...

Here's a picture of what the popcorn machine looked like ($7.99)

After I came home, I realized that I didn't need 2 garlic roasters AND the popcorn machine was taking all of this room up in my kitchen., I gathered up a huge hurricane vase (very pretty) to donate and took 1 garlic roaster and the popcorn machine back to the Goodwill.

Since they had discounted the garlic roaster (it was originally $4) they refused to refund my money. So I just left it on their counter because I need the space in my kitchen more than that.

But the Goodwill did take back the popcorn machine! YAY!

When I was leaving, an older woman asked if I was buying the hurricane vase (that I planned on donating). I told she could have it, that I was going to donate it but if she wanted it, she could have it.

Good karma for the day!


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