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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rainy Day?

It's not. Really, it's sunshiny and all. But it feels like a crappy, stay at home, pull the covers over my head and listen to the rain pound kind of day.

First, I went to drop off an application, in person. Only the hiring manager was gone. On vacation. Until next week. And I hadn't wanted to call, because when you call a school, nine times out of ten, the school secretary finds out your name and tells you NO WAY DO NOT COME DOWN HERE. And then you really can't because she'll remember your name and you'll never be able to schmooze your way in to see the principal.

So then I thought I'd check on my application. And the secretary had deleted it. I spent about 40 minutes explaining to her how a computer works, logging into my account, showing her how she'd deleted my cover letters, resume, everything. And then, after I'd applied to multiple jobs, I was only *allowed* to upload to one specific job, she insisted on deleting everything else. I was so frustrated and I was trying not to show it 'cuz that was just going to make her hit delete when my ass hit the pavement.

Anyway, I showed her how to upload my stuff and hope that somehow I've got my application in...

Then I went home. After I changed into my sweats and workout clothes, I sat on the couch numb.

Only I heard some loud fart in the dining area and I looked over and there was Big H crapping right in front of me!!!

It was before noon and it's about 6:30 pm now and he's still outside on his timeout.

I am NOT happy.

And no jobs are being advertised and I want to cry.

I think the only solution must be a bottle of wine, and a good, roaring fire in the fireplace. Yeah...


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