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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thrifting and loving it!

Well, I've started cleaning out the clutter.

And decided to be very selective when it comes to treasure hunting, or thrifting if you will.

So yesterday, I dropped off a comforter (huge!) and three bags of clothes. At Goodwill.

And then I went in for a little shoppin' (HEY no judgements! I deserved a little treat for cleaning out some of my clothes).

Anyway, I ended up with this fantastic 1960's spice cabinet for $5.99. It is gorgeous, with illustrations, descriptions of what spice goes where...and I'm thinking I can store things other than spices in there as well, tea, salt 'n pepper, tea, tins, tea, etc... Who knows, maybe I'll just put some of my tea in there...

Also, I found gorgeous Thank you cards for $1, a little bowl for planting my succulents (plants, you fool!) for $2.99 and a cup with "G" on it for Big G when/if she comes over again.

AND yesterday I decided to wear two of my thrift store finds (and lots of sterling silver jewelry). I wore my Lucy tank top....which I love...and a pair of capri jeans (the label called them "Tuff lady jeans" or something) which fit really well. I'm not into wearing jeans so much anymore now that sweatpants have become stylish and comfortable and something you can dress up and wear and pretend they are just regular pants. Plus, sweatpants don't have those huge pockets that emphasize my rear.

I love, love, love thrifting...but I've decided I need to focus on 1) saving cash (every dollar counts!) and 2) clearing out clutter. Today I may attack the second bedroom and/or the garage. I fully expect that garage to take a month to clear out and I'm NOT looking forward to it. I really just should call 1-800-GET-JUNK or whatever that number is to pay someone to haul all of the crap away.

But I'm so attached to some of it....I even have Big G's baby clothes from 20 years ago!

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