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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


So, I watched the View this morning. Yeah, anything to avoid preparing for an interview.

Whoopi! appeared on the program, towards the end. Apparently she's the new host(ess) of the program.

I actually really like listening to her on that radio show she does (KJAZZ or something) and she's a lot more low key than Rosie or Barbarazzella.

But what was funny, was that Joy Behar mentioned that she liked to use the phrase, "skinny bitch". And that she first used it on Debbie Matappappopolis (or whatever her name was), one of the original host(ess) on the show. But Joy had the nerve to act like she said it all in good fun.

Actually, the first one to get ganged up on was silly, young Debbie, who made the mistake of thinking that these gal's were her friends. She was pushed out and Joy was pretty nasty about it.

So, it's kind of funny to watch Joy pretend that it was all in good fun.

Watch out Whoopi!


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