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Monday, August 06, 2007

Fake Steve

I just heard on the news that a Senior Editor of Forbes Magazine has a blog where he pretends to be Steve Jobs.

On the news, the anchor said that the Blogster made fun of Steve Job's management skills (or lack thereof).

I think that's funny. But I have no knowledge of his management skills...not having been the unlucky drone that was subjected to his weirdness. I have, however, seen what I've been told is his house in Palo know, the one he claimed he was planting an orchard in the back yard...and instead demolished the house next to his to build a huge kids playhouse-mock castle. But the real laugh is the actual house...

You's a troll house. It's supposed to be a fake french chalet, but it looks like a house a troll lives in.

Now, this is NOT a fake that the house really does look pretty funny.


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