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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Another Baby....

went to Homeowner's Meeting today and found out that yet another neighbor is pregnant.

What is going on with all these babies?

It's quite annoying.

It probably wouldn't even be so bad if I didn't have so many people telling me;

1) I'm too old to have any more kids

2) I shouldn't have any more kids because they are expensive and I live in a super duper expensive area with no support system

3) I shouldn't want to have kids since I've already had one. I should be happy just living out the rest of my life traveling and watching t.v.

It irks me that so many people feel entitled to tell me what I should want. And they tell me this without my even asking them what I think.



  • Things like that can be irritating. Maybe they're only doing it for your own good? I'm sorry they are telling you all this, though. Do you still want a baby?

    By Blogger Ellie, at 2:03 PM  

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