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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Britney Blows It Again...

I've been watching the Britney saga for awhile now (it's all that's on the news, other than the Iowa Caucaus that is).

Anyway, you gotta feel for that girl. We all saw what was coming. She married some one else's baby daddy, listened with half an ear to her screwed up advisors, then decided she was going to plan her life. Whew.

C'mon, who hasn't done some stupid-ass things in their twenties? The problem is, that, now that she has kids, everyone and anyone who ever hated their mother to the extent that they went out and got a psychology degree, will weigh in with their own personal biases. Geez, let her alone...

She should stay in that pych ward, get her head straightened out and think seriously about what she wants her life to look like. I think maybe she wants her Baby daddy to raise those kids. She probably should've waited a bunch of years before deciding to have kids.

Maybe, once she gets a little older, and those kids are a little older, she'll find a sperm donor, a nanny and propagate again. And we can all watch the drama all over again.


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