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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Last Few Days of Christmas

I'm going back into work on Monday and quickly realizing that I've got a ton, A TON, of work to do. That I don't want to do.

So. I'm in complete denial. I'm putting off's gotten so bad that I'm actually organizing my room. Now, that means I'm desperate to ignore the impending doom of work-life.

So, if I come up with some New Year Resolutions, maybe I'll look forward to work a little bit more...

1) I will go on vacation this year. Somewhere. Even if it's Vegas or Tahoe or up North. But I'm going on vacation.

2) I will lose 4 inches on my waist. That is a must.

3) I will find another job. That I like. That pays well.

4) I will formulate a plan for my future.

5) I will de-clutter and get rid of more than half of my shit. I don't need it and it's holding me back.

6) I will start business. Yes. 5 of them. And they will be successful too.

7) I will have another child. Yes! And I will be able to afford this one.

8) Hardwood floors, HDTV, LCD, DVD tv, refinished cabinets, fountain outside, new appliances.

9) Photography career/Artist life.

Yup. Those are my goals. Whooo-hooo. I'm going to revisit this post next year and see how many of them happened.


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