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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Christian Brando - Dead at 49

I just read on cnn and msnbc that Christian Brando has died of pneumonia. That makes me so sad.

He had such a horrible life, from what I've read. First, he shot his pregnant 16 year old sister's boyfriend dead...Rumor has it, the boyfriend was beating the said pregnant sister. From what I remember at the time, he had to serve some time in prison for the crime. And both boyfriend and Christian Brando, from what I remember, were rumored to have problems with drugs.

Then, his sister, Cheyenne, committed suicide.

I always thought that Marlon Brando had messed up his family with all of his affairs, ex wives and wild life.

I think it is just tragic that Christian Brando had such a sad life, and now has died so young. It's like he never had a chance at a happy life with such a messed up family. His sister probably never had a chance either. So sad.


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