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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Apprentice 2008

Okay, so it's the new year, and I'm bored and there's nothing on tv, so I decide to turn on NBC.

I quickly realize I'm watching Omorossa...the looney tune who was on a previous Apprentice show and made an ass of herself. She's quickly making an ass of herself again.

First, she speaks like an 80 year old prude on steriods. Her outfits are weird. And she's busy preaching to her costars...costars, whom I quickly realize are somewhat familiar.

I can't figure out who these people are..but, lucky for me, the show quickly throws up subtitles explaining who these people are...and, thank goodness for that, because, otherwise, I would have no idea.

There is Marilou Henner, Tiffany the pubescent singing star grown up, some playboy centerfold (easily forgettable, I'll just call her "Boobs") and Jenna Jameson, the porn star. Oh and some Latina tv lady.

On the gents team (they are all divided up into gender specific teams...don't know why Trump doesn't make them wear blue and pink so we can tell the difference)...we have some never heard of English dude who is busy trying to rip off New Yorkers, a KISS guy and a Baldwin brother.

Omorossa and the Baldwin Boy are team leaders. Clearly, they hate each other...although it's hard to tell with Omorossa because she is soooo out to lunch. Seriously, she's like the stoner dude in high school who took too many drugs and doesn't make sense but you nod and smile when he talks because you don't want him to go all psycho on you. But she's a girl so she can't be the stoner dude but you secretly wonder if, in addition to the drugs, OmmorrOssa had a sex change operation. Because. That would explain everything.

Trump tells them to sell hot dogs from a hot dog cart in New York city. Yawn.

Ivanakanka (his daughter) and his teenage son are the judges (his son looks like a grown up version of spoiled looking Barrrron).

Then they visited by some troll, who it turns out, is Mayor Bloomberg.

Then they are in the Boardroom. And Baldwin Boy explains that he has someone on his team named Tito Ortiz. Great name. They should win just because they have someone named Tito Ortiz on their team.

And they do.

Omorrossa objects to the way the Boys pronounce her name. Apparently it's pronounced "AHHHmah RoseAH". Wow. I just had to know that tidbit.

Omoroosa appears in the boardroom in her granny's bedcoat. It doesn't help her cause any. I'm thinking she might be fired. And if I cared enough about the Trump Show I might continue watching. But I don't.


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