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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

McChrystal's Out; What Does That Mean

So, President Obama asked McChrystal to resign from being the Afghanistan Military Commander because of what a Rolling Stone Reporter wrote about him.

What does this mean?

In the short term, probably nothing.

But I'm concerned about the long term. Because I think, what will happen as a result, is that military personell won't allow journalists to really get to know what is going on. I think there will be a lot more censorship when it comes to the American public knowing what is going on in hotspots. And that concerns me.

Because, really, what it comes down to, is that you should always be allowed to say what you think, especially when it comes to a government. Isn't that what our country was founded on?

And that concerns me. Because I think, if someone is being fired for saying what they think about any given situation, freedom of speech will suffer. I worry about that.

And, to be quite frank, if you can't complain about the boss, you can express your outrage in much more subversive ways. And that can be much worse than spouting off....


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