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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Top 10 Reasons....

...Al Gore and Tipper are going to separate...

1) Tipper wants to go back to her maiden name, Tipper Canoe.

2) Al is having a torrid affair with Al Sharpton.

3) Tipper just found out that Chaz Bono is Al's love child.

4) When the global meltdown occurs in 2014, Al wants to go to his grave free and clear of the ball and chain.

5) Until every state in the union recognizes the rights of everyone to marry, Al and Tipper can't live with the hypocrisy.

6) Tipper gave an ultimatum to Al; "Don't have anymore botched plastic surgery or I'm leaving you!"

7) Tipper couldn't take anymore of Al's swearing everytime he got a sunburn.

8) Even the new female viagra couldn't help....Tipper just wasn't feelin' it.

9) As empty nesters, Al decided to bring home a new birdie.....

10) Al's newest movie is called Global Warming Part II...and it's an expose about Tipper's experiences with menopause...


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