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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Raining Crap!

Yes, you read that right.

My darling Big H loves to sleep next to me. He wants to feel my heart. Isn't that sweet?

Oh, it usually is.

That is, until Big H has the big, runny diarrhea. That's right. Leelu had it first, then Big H caught it from her.

The symptoms are....nothing at first... the doggy thinks he's fine. He settles in for a good night's sleep, snuggling up to me.

Then, say about 3 a.m., I awaken to Big H standing over my head. With massive runny diarrhea. All over my pillow. And there's nothing solid about it. Basically, it's an extremely large amount of poo water. All over my bed. All over my head.

By the time I clean everything up, I'm up...the dogs are up and the laundry is going. I manage to go to the couch and settle back in there for the night...only to find myself awakened at 5 a.m. to another poo attack. On My Head. On the couch.

More laundry, showering and the dogs go outside for a little bit. Which they don't like. At least Big H doesn't like. And he tells me he doesn't like it. Loudly. Until I let him in at 10 a.m.

Last night I'd had quite enough of the poo showers. So Big H and Leelu slept in the bathtub. And I had the best night's sleep ever. It was lovely.


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