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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Sting of Rejection

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse...I thought I'd withstood it all when it came to The Great Recession, a.k.a. The Year I Didn't Get A Job, but no.....

There were all the jobs I'd applied for that fit my resume as if I, and only I, were capable of applying for it...the jobs where I'd get a rejection within four hours of sending out my resume (was it even read???)...the jobs where I tried to submit a resume only to be rebuffed..."Only current employees can apply for this position.."...(but don't they already have a job?!?)...the jobs that were so basic a blindfolded monkey could do them (but I wasn't even considered for the position)...

Then there was the 100+ hour job from hell with 3 bosses who over-rided each other and demanded ridiculous things of me and then refused to pay me....that was a funner.

But now it's even worse. Now I am getting rejected from placement agencies!

This particular placement agencies specializes in my field. They charge candidates $45 for the pleasure of placing them with employers. Only they don't want my money!!!!

Get this. A candidate pays them regardless of being placed with an employer or not. All the agency does is collect up the money and find a job for the candidate.

Despite having four credentials in four different areas, despite a Master's degree and work experience, apparently I am so undesirable that even the placement agency doesn't want to take my money!!!!

Now that stings.


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