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Monday, July 05, 2010

Chris is a Girl

Okay, so I watched the Batchelor tennis match between Jake and Vienna.

And I came to one conclusion (okay, maybe more than one, but one that was so apparent).

Chris is a girl. Yes, he wears a suit and a wedding ring. And shoes that are obviously too big.

But his hands are small. And he smirks. And giggles. And asks girly questions.

And tries to pretend he's compassionate.

He's not.

I think he's married to Melissa Ethridge.

I keep expecting him to break out the guitar and teddy. ICK.

So I watched the Jake and Vienna show.

And I agree with Vienna.

Jake's a whore. Fame whore, Dancing Whore, Dumb Whore, Wants-to-do-Chris-Whore...but he's a whore.


KQED is looking better.


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