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Monday, July 12, 2010

Oakland Riots

Did anyone watch the Oakland riots the other night?

I did. I thought it was fascinating, the way the media kept inciting people.

The anchors would get so excited if they thought a mob was forming. And when Footlocker was being looted, the news anchors acted as if it were a party.

The number of police officers in Oakland was insane. The 'mob' wasn't that big--there were more cops than protesters. I finally figured out why. Since so many cities are laying off their cops--it's a chance for the cops to get overtime and beef up their pay before they are let go.

I also think that the Oakland Police Chief was very selective about the people he instructed his officers to arrest, so as not to incite people in Oakland. The people looting Footlocker weren't arrested, but others, on the sidelines, were. Interesting.

However, when Mehsrle gets his verdict handed down (the amount of jail time), I think there may be more riots.


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