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Monday, April 05, 2010

Time Flies When You're....


I swear, I've been putting off just about everything lately. Now, even though I'm jobless, I have so many tasks lined up and I feel as though I'm treading water. Whew.

I'm still decluttering....took 4 huge bags of clothes, two bowls (one was a beautiful copper, the other a nice white one), a cheeseboard and an expensive steam cleaner to the Goodwill. And I have so much more to do!

The bathroom needs to be sanded down, painted and I need to get joint compound and spackle. I'm going to go with a lovely sandy beige on the walls and I also need to grind down the grout on the tile floor and get it a nicer white and not that nasty grey.

I need to paint the master bedroom (walls and ceiling) as well as get someone in here to look at the wall. I have to contact the Property Manager about the dry rot as well (probably write a letter).

And I am afraid to open my garage! I still have to go through that! Egads, I have so much to do!

But even those above tasks are second place to the job hunt. I march on, looking for that one job that will pay my mortgage.....


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