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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

3 Days and Counting...

...before my visitors arrive.

And what have I done to prepare for their visit? How about what I haven't done...

I haven't done laundry.

I haven't cleaned the house.

I haven't gone to the store and I haven't stocked up on groceries or other goodies.

I haven't set up their beds or given much thought to where they will be sleeping.

I haven't thrown out all the stuff I have laying around the house, taking up valuable space.

I haven't worked out my budget for their stay...and since I'm job hunting that will make it oh-so-fun-and-enjoyable.

I haven't cleaned the car, inside or out.

I haven't cleaned the bathrooms.

I haven't cleaned out the kitchen cupboards, making space for food.

I haven't cleaned the refrigerator, throwing out old food and wiping it down.

I haven't worked on the yard, sweeping up weeds and planting all of the new plants I've bought.

I haven't cleaned off the living room table or the couch.

I haven't carried the piles of stuff I want to keep over to the garage.

Oh. well.

It should be an interesting stay.


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