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Monday, June 30, 2008

Vegas Baby

I came back from Vegas last week. I went with 6 other women. We had so much fun.

First, we stayed at the Flamingo. That is the best location because it is centrally located on the strip. If I could've afforded it, I would have stayed at the Venetian, though. The Venetian has a new 'section' to their hotel called the Palazzo...

The Venetian is beautiful. I could've shopped all day. First I'd shop at the Venetian, the Paris, then Caeser's. And the prices were not bad, compared to the Bay Area. Of course, people from other areas of the country might have sticker shock.

At the Venetian, they have fantastic jazz bars off of the casino. Plus, you can stop off and have gelato at one of the little vendors. It is just gorgeous.

New York was pretty fun too. The little shops and delis. If you like meat, sports and roller coasters, the New York is the place to go.

We had drinks at the Bellagio one night. That was fun. You can sit out in one bar on the terrace, with drinks, and watch the water show. Of course, you will pay a minimum of $10 per drink and there is a 1 drink minimum.

MGM grand was kind of cool, with the tiger show. And the Rainforest shop was like a Disney Shop gone wild.

Then there was Paris. Paris has a great buffet restaurant. The food was delicious and all you can eat. The hotel has a restaurant that you get to by going to a elevator in the middle of the casino. The restaurant has a dress code. But I liked the atmosphere of the Paris restaurant better than Bellagios.


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