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Saturday, May 17, 2008


Last night, ditched by Big G, and with nothing on television that I wanted to see, I got a call from a friend, let's call her Carrie.

"Cece, I'm having free psychic readings, come on by, " she said.

So I did.

Okay, I'm not one of those people who really believes that pyschic readings are for real. And I'm past the age where telling me my future will have a HUGE impact on me ('cuz my future has kinda already happened in a lot of ways). I mean, realistically, how many more children can I physically have? And, relationship-wise, I've already had a somewhat long one so I don't have this overwhelming need to FIND SOMEONE and SETTLE down. I mean, I've already settled down with myself (!) and the idea of freedom from someone else's expectations and control is pretty darn appealing.

But it was Friday night, I didn't have plans and a pyschic reading (free!) sounded fun.

So I went.

First I went into this waiting room, where one woman was behind the desk, sort of as a receptionist but I could tell she kind of ran the show. Especially when I started asking her questions and she seemed 1) knowledgeable about the group, 2) knew what all the art hanging on the wall was and which 'pyschic student' created which piece of art and 3) could describe the different branches of the organization and what students from the "L.A." branch where like.

When I first walked in, there was another woman scarfing down her dinner. It was 9 p.m. and I couldn't figure out if she was one of the psychics or there for a free reading like me. There was another woman in the back room, but she closed the door when I came in.

The woman behind the desk told me about the organization, had me write down three questions and told me about Chakra's (some sort of number, logical, thing) and Auras. Apparently, they were going to read my Aura, but not my Chakra this time.

So I hung out for a little bit while they got ready, just looking around the room and asking the woman behind the desk questions about her group...and the different pieces of art in the room.

Then they called me into the small room for my reading. There were 2 women - one of them was the woman who had been in the waiting room earlier. They both were in chairs next to each other, facing an empty chair. They told me to sit in an empty chair, facing them, with my feet flat on the floor and my hands facing up on my knees. So I did.

Then they told me their names. Now, since I've decided to go all Alias on this website, I really don't think it's fair if I write down 'real' names for the people I'm posting about. 'Cuz, if I'm not willing to 'out myself', I shouldn't be willing to 'out' others. So I'm making up names. Let's say they were "Tan-Tan" and "Karen".

Tan-Tan was an older (50 to 60 year old) woman, in a dress. She looked like she could've had grandchildren, was sort of non-descript in a nerdy, but comfortable way.

Karen looked kind of nerdy also. She was probably in her late 40's, early 50's. They both were in somewhat worn clothes that had seen their day, and they both looked a little bit tired. Karen had brown hair and blue eyes, Tan-Tan was an Asian lady--probably Chinese-American.

Karen said she was the lead or something and Tan-Tan would start by reading my Rose and past lives. I didn't know what a Rose was, but I said, "Okay, sure."

Well, apparently a Rose is your spiritual life and it symbolizes how many lives you've been reincarnated as. I've been reincarnated a lot. Which is a good thing, because that meant they had something to talk about.

So, the stem on my Rose went down into the ground and way, way up to the sky. Tan-Tan decided that my most recent past life was that of a very pretty, but overweight lady. She said that I was so beautiful that I didn't have a lot of friends and I compensated for that by eating a lot and I was very lonely because people were afraid to get close to me. She said, in this life, I still try to play down my appearance to make friends but I don't do that by overeating, like I did in my past life, but by not accentuating how I look. Apparently, I don't try to look nice, because I'm afraid that if I do, I'll lose friends.

I knew I should've put on makeup before I went to visit the pyschics!

The next past life she wanted to talk about was that of a very intelligent, male doctor. I was brilliant in this past life, saving lots of people's lives. But I put everyone first, and I didn't focus on my health or needs. Then, when I became sick, I couldn't heal myself and that's how I died. And she said in this life I need to focus on taking care of myself because I still don't put myself first. That sounded good.

Anyway, after that they decided that they would channel my aura. And Karen would be doing that.

So, she said on top of my head was a white and yellow light with white wings. She also said that I have a lot of spiritual helpers. Then she said my aura was a nice medium blue and surrounding that was white and yellow. She said freedom was really important to me and that I needed lightness. Then she said she could see a dark purple aura invading my space. She said that aura represented a past relationship, a male. Karen said that the male was not always forthcoming with me about his intentions. That he withholds a lot of his intentions, because if I knew what he was intending, I might not do what he wanted. She said he was kind of manipulating. And that I was trying to get away from that aura, but that the best way I could resolve it would be to be true to myself and decide what I want, and not let him determine what would be.

Then Carrie, my friend who called me about the pyschic reading, came in the room with some other guy (call him David). Carrie sat next to the two other women (so that there were 3 people in chairs facing me) and David stood behind them. David kind of waved his arms and closed his eyes and leaned up against the wall. I think he was tired and probably his feet hurt. He didn't really seem into all this, except for the occasional waving arm.

They asked me what questions they had and I asked them about the purple aura dude and Karen told me that it was a past relationship and as long as I would decide what I want, the relationship would be resolved and I would be happy. Then I asked about my career. Karen and Carrie both said I was going to stay where in the career I'm in (bummer!) but that my next job would be 'rounder'. Karen said that in the future, she sees me having big changes in relationships and family, career will have smaller changes.

So, for my final question, I asked about having another kid. Apparently, on the Rose that they drew or channeled for me, there were 3 leaves on the stem, representing 3 children. I've already had Big G, so that leaves me with the opportunity to have 2 more. Karen said that she sees me very happy and joyous, if I have another child, and that I have agreed to have another child for a spirit and we're both really happy about it. But that it will be a distraction if I have antoher child, so it's my decision, and I'm not bound to have this other child. I have to decide.

Then David interrupted to say that the reading was over. Carrie laughed and said he wanted to go home.

So, she walked me out and I thanked her for the reading. It really was fun, and a pleasant way to spend a Friday evening. I mean, who doesn't want to spend an hour talking about themselves with 3 perfect strangers and one friend?

But I really should make more of an effort to put on makeup.


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