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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

House Reno

We've been working on the house, retiling the kitchen, putting in cabinets, laying down hardwood...and everything is still just semi-done.

I ran out of money.

Now, you might think that since we were doing it ourselves, that wouldn't matter.


I don't have a tile cutting saw, so can't cut tile for the kitchen counters. I don't know how to fix the p-trap under the new bathroom sink, so there's no bathroom sink. And the heaters still aren't connected to the walls.

And, despite my hours, days spent on layers of paint, the paint is streaky on the ceiling (so needs another coat), not finished in the bathroom and not finished on the walls.

And, since the downstairs is starting to look better, the carpet upstairs and on the stairs (that is a good 10 years old) is starting to look really bad.

But I don't want to spend my days on Home Renovation this summer--I don't have the energy, interest, money or time.

Yet, I have the creeping feeling that is exactly what I'm going to be doing.


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