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Monday, June 30, 2008

Bargain Style

I recently went to the Goodwill and found a silk Tahari camisiole (price tag still attached of $85, I think) and another similar camisole-looking top of cotton.

They were really big on me. But I loved the colors. The silk one was a raspberrry-reddish-pink, with violet undertones. The cotton one was a deep, rich chocolate brown that looks fantastic with this linen, oatmeal skirt that I found.

So I decided I would look for a tailor. So I treked out, going to the drycleaners (who do alterations). The Drycleaner Lady took one look at the shirts, which have side zippers, and said no way. The lady at the drycleaners said that because the shirts have an invisible zipper on the side, that they were impossible to be altered.

I didn't believe her. Anything is possible. And I really like those shirts. I could wear one of them to work and one to parties.

I went to a place that advertises under "tailor"...

And for $64 (choke) I am getting my shirts altered. They will fit perfectly. I just keep telling myself it's worth it.


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