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Monday, May 19, 2008

Tired Feet

My feet are so tired. Teaching wears me out, especially when I'm standing on my feet all day. The kids were especially obnoxious today, as they don't want to be in that they have finished testing, they think the school year is over. It's not.

Yesterday I went to Santana Row, and there was a huge sale going on at the Taryn Rose Shoe store.

I've always dreamed of having a pair of Taryn Rose shoes. They are created by Taryn Rose, this Orthopedic surgeon. She designs shoes that support your feet. They have high arches and are orthopedic, but extremely fashionable. I saw Taryn Rose on the Oprah show, years ago.

Anyway, the shoes were all 30% off. I was just going to look. Then I saw a pair of black, patent leather, sandal wedges. They looked so cute on.

The saleswoman mentioned that the flat version of the shoe was just as cute.

She showed me.

Now I own 2 pairs of Taryn Rose shoes. It only cost me $333.61.

I love my shoes.


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