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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex and the City Review

What I loved about the Sex and the City t.v. series was how real the show was...the stuff that happened to Carrie and Miranda and Sam and Charlotte--well, that stuff happens to women all the time. And the angst and fun and worries and love of fashion that we all have, they have to.

And the movie is just the same. A snapshot of what real life is like for rich, white, single American women who live in a large, cosmopolitan city.

The movie is just a snapshot of what these women would be like in their 40's or 50's.

But what I found to be disconcerting was the fact that throughout the movie I was looking over the heads of a couple (man and woman) with grey hair, who looked to be in their 70's or 80's. That was a little weird. Although not as weird as if a few preteens were watching it.

The other thing that I found a little off was the half empty theater. Apparently no one goes to movies anymore...unless they are on a date. And I went on a Saturday morning. But I figured, since the movie was just opening, that it might be a little crowded. So I actually showed up early. To a half empty theater. That never filled up.

The other interesting facet of this movie was that the clothes were overshadowed by architecture. I'm talking penthouse apartment, gorgeous hardwood floors, the-most-beautiful-closet-I've-ever-seen, glass french door, atrium, BEAUTIFUL apartment. Yeah. I'd give up 1/2 my shoes and most of my clothes for that apartment. Without a 2nd thought.

And I never thought Sam would be the most boring character--but she kinda was. And Charlotte actually showed some brains--which was odd because she really is a dingbat. Carrie was her usual wishy-washy, will-she-or-won't-she, angst filled writer. And Miranda was a typical ass-wipe lawyer, busy trying to ascertain blame for problems SHE caused.

Would I go see it again? Probably not in the theater. But I'd rent in again and watch it at home. And I would definitely recommend others should go see it. But don't make your husband, boy friend, man friend go see it. That is cruel and unusual punishment.


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