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Monday, May 12, 2008

Searchin' for another one..

job, that is.

I haven't really railed against my recent boss. His exploits are pretty outrageous (like the boss I had in 2006 but worse). The 2006 boss was an anorexic transient from Florida via Nebraska who found herself in California and hated it. She was wacky as hell. Imagine an old college co-ed, unattractive, with an eating disorder, and ditzy as only someone with constant low blood sugar due to lack of eating can be. And before you think I'm some huge, jealous freak--let me tell you, I weigh 130 (5'7") and this woman was a good 5'2" and weighed about 50 pounds. She was insane.

The favorite story I have about her is one she told me about herself. Now, you'd think if this happened to you, you might be a little embarrassed about it and maybe you wouldn't repeat it. No, not Ditzy Gal! She regaled us with her stupidity. She said she drove to California from Florida with her U-haul. When she got here she realized she needed help unloading it. So, what would a normal person do? Probably get a few friends together for a pizza and beer moving party, right? Not Ditzy Gal!!! She pulls up to the Home Depot and yells out for half a dozen Illegal Aliens to hop in her truck and then takes them to her new apartment and pays them $80 to move her in. Oh. Big surprise. They stole all her stuff. And she ended the story of her stupidity by telling me that she even gave them a big tip, so she didn't understand why they ripped her off. And women from California get the ditzy stereotype...geez.

Now my most recent boss is a little more street savvy. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he was one of the guys from Home Depot who ripped off my previous boss. He's "thrown" us a Christmas party, only to have employees get there and be told that they need to set it up. Move tables around, purchase food, clean his house. Yeah. I'm not kidding. And all the "gifts" and 'goodies' that came out of the social budget for the party...that all went to his family. About 80 of his family members showed up for our company party. And one employee and his wife were told to wash dishes after the party was over!!!!!

So my new job search is on. I'm so tired of looking for work. At work today, one of the women that I work with mentioned to me that she wanted to recall the Equal Rights Movement. Mary*(name changed) mentioned that she wouldn't mind being barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen. Mary is around 40, like me, not meeting any men and wants to get married. So, yeah, she's sick of the lonely life and being the primary breadwinner for, it looks like, forever.

As for me, my hunt for new employment is on. I just hope that this hunt goes better than the other ones (a yearly tradition).


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