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Sunday, February 10, 2008


I've been feeling very judged lately. As if people close to me are making some really wrong assumptions and not listening.

I have this women's support group that I go to and we all started talking about dating and meeting men. I mentioned eharmony--where my friend met her husband--and Craigslist --where another friend met her husband...and 3 of the members (there were 5 of us) starting going off on how that was NOT the way to go...that those sites sucked and there were other ways to meet men (they weren't meeting any, but apparently that didn't matter). I feel like they just weren't listening to me at all, that my thoughts, ideas and insights completely didn't matter.

Other than that, my weekend has been uneventful. Just recovering from a cold, trying to get rid of clutter, only to add more to it, and just feeling tired and lonely.

I'm going to go back to my stressful, wild job on Monday and am looking forward to the next long vacation. I had a dream on Friday that one of my students ran behind me and slugged me so hard in the back that I was knocked out. Most of the teachers at our school are feeling judged and targeted by the Administration. It's pretty bad. A lot are quitting (those that can). I've never (until now) worked at a school where so many teachers up and quit in the middle of the year. Walking out on a contract is unheard of. But it's heard-of here!

Well, at least I'm getting paid, have hope for the future and am clearing a path for my new and improved tomorrow!!!


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