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Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Wee Bit Zonked


I haven't blogged in two months.

This may be due to the fact that I am now in an extremely stressful job. I get up at 5 a.m. and work (hard) until 5 p.m. onsite, and then go home and work offsite until 10 p.m. My job ends in June. It is a big unknown if any of us (my colleagues and I) will have a job after that. Some people have already bailed out and will be definitely leaving come June regardless.

So. I'm stressed. A little exhausted.

Oh? And did I mention home renovation? Yeah. My brother came, started me on it, then took off. So I am left to somehow finish it all. Did I mention that I have no experience in home renovation (other than massive hours spent watching HGTV)? And no time, since my job is physcially, emotionally and mentally draining.

So. I'm stressed. A little exhausted. Did I mention that?

And when my darling, much-adored almost-18-yearo-old, comes home from school with notes explaining why she may not it any wonder that my brain implodes? Is it any wonder that I sit mindless and empty-headed on the couch, with my tongue lolling out and a vacant expression in my eyes.

Blogging? Yeah right.

My neighbors have moved to Arizona. Silly folks signed on for an amortized loan, and then expressed disbelief when the rates changed. "We were tricked!", they wailed.

They weren't crying when (before their rates changed and they were paying next to nothing) they bought their new car, went on a trip overseas, bought a big screen t.v. and had two kids. They weren't crying when they paid for the 200+ channel cable program. They weren't crying when they went out to dinner every night while the rest of us with fixed rate loans scraped soup out of a can.

Okay, enough about them. I want to talk about me. Did I mention I'm a little exhausted?


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