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Monday, April 21, 2008

Older Women, Younger Men

Went out with my faux Sex in the City crew. I couldn't believe the 20-something guys that came on to us, these 40-something women.

These guys had hot looking 20 year old chicks drooling over them, and they were falling over us! US-these older, still whoopin' it up ladies.

I couldn't figure out the attraction...I mean, one guy followed me around trying to put his phone number down my he was trailed by his 24 year old girlfriend...why???

I asked a couple of people at work and one lady said it was the MILF thing...and the Ashton Kucher/Demi Moore thing going on...and one of the guys at work said it was 'cuz I was so hot...okay, fine, I mean, I'm not bad looking--but c'mon, I'm not 20 anymore...a little worse for the wear.

My friends and I decided that Kim was the Kim Cattrall character (OMG, she really is!) and Cynthia is the Kristen Davis character (which I so thought she was, but I didn't want to offend her so I didn't bring it up until she did)..which leaves me, a cross between Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon...I"m not a lesbian so that rules out Cynthia Nixon but I don't have a daddy complex so that rules out the Sarah Jessica Parker I guess I'm a little of both of them.


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