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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sassy Single

10 Great Reasons Why I Like Being Single;

1) I can watch whatever I want on the t.v. and I don't have to fight over the remote.

2) I can wear baggy sweats to bed every night.

3) I don't have to share the shower or fight over the bathroom.

4) I don't have to share the bed and I can sleep on whichever side I choose any night of the week.

5) I can plan my own vacations and go (or not go) wherever I want.

6) I can stay up late reading or go to bed early whenever I want.

7) I can eat whatever I want for dinner and I don't have to make dinner for anyone but me and Big G.

8) Makeup is completely optional and non-Makeup-Days are guilt-free.

9) I can leave the clean laundry, unfolded, on the living room couch as long as I want.

10) No one rearranges my stuff.


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